After two successful weekend loans to USL-2 side Crystal Palace Baltimore, one of which earned him USL-2 Player of the Week honors, Red Bulls midfielder Matthew Mbuta will again suit up for CPB on loan, this time just for Tuesday, as CPB takes on the Western Mass Pioneers at 7:30 PM Lusitano Stadium in Ludlow, MA.


21 Responses to “MBUTA ON LOAN TUESDAY”

  1. MasterShake Says:

    why dont we loan out richards and play mbuta instead…

    can we loan out JCO while we are at it?

    • mike from linden Says:

      lol maybe JCO will do better in the lower leagues.
      But if people are wanting JCO out, who do we bring in?

  2. emilio Says:

    Lets loan out Angel, humble him a bit, he surely needs it.

  3. mike from linden Says:

    When will we actually start using Mbuta instead of loaning him out week after week?

  4. Almedin Says:

    I honestly think that JCO is doing a great job with the team.. He made us much better at defense and we had great offensive plays during the Chicago game, we just failed to put any of those chances in the back of the net.. For our defense, we have barely been giving up more than 1 goal in the past few games, which is great.. As for the offense, we have better and better chemistry each game, and I do believe that we will turn things around.. Like Stammler said in the post-game interview, the Red Bulls are eventually going to start getting those well-deserved three points in the upcoming games because we have the plays, we just have to FINISH them (finishing has been the biggest concern this season).. We HAVE to finish our plays and get the ball in the back of the net..

  5. Mentz Says:

    If he keeps playing so damn well why doesn’t he ever find himself getting a starting nod or at least coming off the bench? Get your shit together RBNY…

  6. Matt Says:

    Can we send Osorio out on loan?

  7. Matt Says:

    Oops, MasterShake beat me to it!

  8. Alle Says:

    I’m sure Almedin was either high or drunk when he made that statement because we all know that we’ve been crap from the start, both in attack and defense. Either Osorio starts getting his tactics right or he’s gotta hit the road, Jack. Playing Kandji on the left, knowing that he’s shite in the position, what does he think he’s doing? Mbuta or Hall (when Johnson comes back) should go on the left instead of him. He belongs up front, that’s what we brought him for in the first place!

    We can’t afford to be playing like this week in and week out, if we aren’t winning, something is up – Agoos should wake up and smell the coffee for once this season. Thank God the summer transfer window is near, we’re going to need to make some changes and maybe even bring in other striker – I don’t mean a 30+ year old either.

  9. lou Says:

    almedin are you feeling ok? He made us great on defense? Um ok, that’s why we are the slopiest team in the league on defense, giving up more cards and late goals than any other team. We certainly aren’t good up top, we barely manage to score goals. We don’t have any consistency, osorio doesn’t keep the same lineup for more than one or 2 games regardless of the results. I think we should just loan out the whole team excluding goldy, celadas, stammler, kandji, and ubi, and than bring in some youth players. Maybe than we will have a chance.

  10. kofix5 Says:

    Congrats to MButa! They are asking for him and he is delivering the goods for Crystal Palace.
    Thats high quality sun.
    Keep it going!

  11. Almedin Says:

    Am I drunk? No, I just look at some facts many fans look right past.. For example, if our defense was so awful we wouldn’t have only given up 13 goals in 11 games. In 11 games, that is not bad at all, especially if we only gave up 1 goal per game.. If you guys think thats a high number to give up, then I believe you might be high or drunk.. The team isn’t perfect and I wasn’t saying that, but it definitely is a great team. Bad team, no.. Unfortunate, very.. If you watch the games you can see that we get many great chances to score, but the problem is that we dont FINISH those chances.. Rome wasn’t built in a day guys, I back JCO 100% and whoever thinks he will be an awful coach will be proved wrong throughout this season.. Keep watching guys, the Red Bulls are going to start getting the points that they deserve..

    • MasterShake Says:

      you’re quite something.

      since when is 13 goals in 11 games a good statistic? 1 goal per game is bad. I don’t know what sport you’re watching, but conceding 1 goal per game is not..that..good…sorry.

      our defense is sooo good we keep getting red cards and conceding goals at the last moment in the game. How many red cards have he had?? How many goals have we conceded in the last minute of a half??

      “whoever thinks he will be an awful coach will be proved wrong throughout this season.” — that’s great, but he’s been here for 1 full season already and he failed to impress anyone…how much longer do you want to wait?

      • Almedin Says:

        I respect your opinion mastershake and I’m not asking you to feel the way I feel about the Red Bulls, but we’re tied for 7th in goals conceded AND we’ve played more games than most teams.. That is why I said we are doing well and we are continuing to play better at defense. Last game against Chicago, we barely gave them scoring opportunities and they scored on the one good chance they had (which I admit, was our defense’s fault BUT they played really good other than that moment). Of course it isn’t good that we’re conceding goals so late and of course I would much rather not concede ANY goals per game, but it is what it is and the MLS is full of goals. What we need to work on is our finishing. That should be the number one priority because that is what makes us lose. We can have the best defense in MLS, but it STILL wouldn’t do anything if we can’t score goals.

        As for JCO, it might not look like he’s doing well as a coach (with 6 losses this season), but only ONE of those losses was by more than 1 goal.. And MOST of those losses were very unfortunate because we played much better but weren’t able to finish. Also, wasn’t he the first coach in franchise history to take us to the MLS Cup? I believe so.. So before you start making him look like a bad coach, continue watching the season because it definitely is not over yet and he will definitely bring us back to the MLS Cup.

  12. Jack says. Says:

    Could we please start playing Mbuta up front this guy got us a goal the first game he was in .Please please put Mac and Mbuta up front and Danny C for keeper and things will change for the bulls!

  13. Matt Says:

    What is this love affair with Danny Cepero? His positioning is poor, his kicking is atrocious and he’s error prone.

  14. KDawg Says:

    Love for Cepero is that Red Bulls never win with Conway…mediocre at best with him. Need a change in chemistry and Cepero gave that last year when the Red Bulls actually did string wins together on the road and at home.

  15. Alle Says:

    Everyone is with Cepero because his heroics last season, but Matt is correct, he needs to work on his positioning badly. I’d rather have Conway in goal at the moment rather than risk conceding more than once per match.

  16. Glyn James Davies Says:

    Well we have two decent goal keepers fighting for top spot. We really need to focus on Angel, what is wrong with him lately?

  17. Free For Loan Says:

    Today is glogal economic challenge can we depend on ?

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