A disspointing result for the Red Bulls, as a goal in the dying moments of the first half is the only goal of the match in a 1-0 defeat to Chicago, which earns points against New York for the fifth straight match, and remains the only unbeaten team in MLS.  RBR journeyed into the locker room for some reaction to the match:




  1. Mentz Says:

    “We are very average team”. Conway you said it right buddy. We let down right before a break constantly, don’t know how to hold a lead, and despite all the acquisitions and lineup shuffling rarely look like the better football club on the pitch.

    Something has got to change and I’m not even really sure what that is but it may end up being Juan Carlos Osorio that gets the axe.

  2. CEA Says:

    Were was Jaun Pablo Angel??, the only times when I saw him was when he fail a couple of goal chances.
    Come on Osorio, lets send him to the bench and put another midfielder (richards), from the beginning, leaving just kandgi and woly at front. There will be more control of balls in the middle and richard can also incorporate his self on attack when necessary!!!

  3. A.T. Says:

    JCO really needs to stop living in denial and bench JPA. Who cares that he being paid 1.5 million, does he really want to keep losing? This is sad. Well Kandji is a midfielder but we can all see that he sucks at that position, he plays better as a forward.
    Please change the lineup and bench JPA fast or it looks like redbulls will have a new coach next year. Every game so far, he has been invisible except when he scored 3 times but even after he scores, he becomes invisible again.
    Osorio get it together.

  4. rbfanatic6 Says:

    Mentz, CEA, and A.T. have all said it right, about benchin JPA, kandji suckin at left mid, the line up changes and manu other concerns….one thing JCO does need to try is Jeremy hall at a position he is comfortable with and excelled at in college which made him a star, which is left mid. we can all see he definitly has the potention and the skill to get up in attack, beat defenders and has at times good crosses…but also i no right that cant be made tru cuz of johnson’s injury…i believe that sinisa he becomin a rojas. so borman should start at left mid, richards at right mid with woly and kandji up top. lets just see how we play witout JPA. i believe he does nothin when he gets the ball outiside his position and when outiside his area ( penalty box).

  5. Avertedd Says:

    Спасибо, пост действительно толково написан и по делу, есть что почерпнуть.

  6. emilio Says:

    Angel has been awful all year, especially saturday, I dont care how much he makes, he was the teams worst player on saturday, all he did was show up his teamates when he was the one that should have been shown up. He has proven that he is not a leader, I can now understand why he lost his place at Aston Villa. He needs to be sent to the bench, he needs a wakeup call, all he did was show up Ubiparapovic all day long, when Sinisa was actually playing pretty well. Osorio needs to realize that losing his job is more important than playing his innefective countrymen. Angel needs to be booooed loudly if he starts next match.

    We need Woly and Kandji up top next match.

  7. andre Says:

    Why do they have to say “you know” so much? It’s driving me crazy!

  8. emilio Says:


  9. andre Says:

    Watch the video again.

  10. kofix5 Says:

    the team needs to stop ignoring the overlapping runs of Jeremy Hall and Pacheco. We are missing out on great opportunities by failing to reward their efforts

  11. kofix5 Says:

    It would be great to see what Jeremy can do at Right Mid, sometime in the near future.

  12. andre Says:

    yes. him and johnson would be awesome. ubi can sub in, and richards can too for rojas on the left.

    \/ best lineup \/





  13. OgreDave Says:

    JPA’s work rate from last year and his whole career has been top class.

    I think either JPA is hurt and is protecting his injury from that piece of sh** “pitch” that we play on in that piece of crap giants stadium, or he is no longer motivated by the current manager/coaching staff and is showing it by making JCO’s lack of knowledge VERY evident, by not playing well. It seems if you look at JCO’s “team”; they ALL are trying to give the FO that message.

    If it’s the former, then we are in deeper sh** than we thought, and if it’s the latter then it needs to be resolved before it is too late and all the cheering you hear in the new stadium is crickets

  14. CEA Says:

    Previously, few fans sugested to get Christian Castillo (Salvadorean Midfielder). I don’t know if you guys saw the game of El Salvador against Ecuador yesterday 27th at Los Angeles Coliseum. with Victory for ES 3 to 1.
    Again Castillo, did a great performance contributing to the national team to win. I really think Castillo wil be a perfect fit for Red Bulls, please get him, before another MLS team. In the comentaries I heard that DC United, was observing Castillo, So we better act quickly!!!. I think if our team makes an offer to him, we can win, because we already have Pacheco with us and that may motivate Castillo to play for Red Bulls.

  15. ray castro Says:

    Cmmon I have seen the game El Salvador Vs USA 2-2 Castillo is the freak we need. He will make a huuuuuge difference. we need this sort of attacking midfielders. Castillo would also be good up,,left. We need to send a scout

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