A tough defeat for the Red Bulls, as they gave up four first half goals in the 5-3 loss to United. New York played much better in the second half but the deficit was too much to overcome in the end. We caught up with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, defender Carlos Mendes and forward John Wolyniec after the game. In Osorio’s second clip, he talks about Wolyniec’s play:



  1. OgreDave Says:

    I think i may be seeing where JCO is coming from…. not that he is doing the right thing, but in his mind all his players should be able to play in any position, like lets say, a Man U squad. but the one thing he fails to understand is: WE ARE NOT MAN U!!!

    yes over time maybe your players will be able to handle playing out of their natural positions, but the class of player playing in MLS will not be able to do what you want JCO.

    Osorio needs to wake up from the dream very quickly, or we will continue to look like kids on the pitch playing against teams that have thier acts together and know the strengths and weakness of their own players and the players that they are coming up against on the pitch.


  2. lou Says:

    osorio doesn’t need to wake up he needs to fall out of bed and role rite into some other club. I’m tired of this guy, there has to be some sort of race period for this kind of shit. He has been here for like what 1 and a half years now and he is still switching things up, and even if he didn’t switch thigns up we woulnd’t be a talented enough team to win an MLS cup, maybe we wud be decent or a little better than decent but we would not be dominating anything or anyone.

  3. kofix5 Says:

    honestly i don’t see how anyone can think its a good idea to ‘test’ players by starting them in a cup game. but he went way beyond that. he started players that he knows have sucked and screwed up big time and repeatedly in multiple games. he started players that haven’t been playing at all. and he didnt start any of our best players to anchor the team.

    what kind of coach does that?

    most coaches test out players in games by bringing them on in the second half or sprinkling them carefully throughout the season. but never in must-win situations unless they have been really really impressive in practice or during their limited game appearances.

    if nyrb wanted to win the cup or make a respectable effort, knocking off DCU was the first test. not san jose. this was a Coaching Test for JCO.

    he failed. he didnt do correctly what he is known to TRY to do. that is field the right players against the right opponents at the right time. many coaches employ this tactic though not as fervently as he does. his record shows this tactic is not working for him. ( someone should let him know because i don’t believe he is aware of that )

    DC United is a Cup winning team. thats what they do. if they dont win some hardware every season they dont consider that a winning season. they consider that failure. that and they love to beat the redbulls. they think we suck and they think we’re a joke. they have for years.

    why on earth would JCO field a team of made mostly of untried players and players whose jobs at nyrb every fan knows should be hanging by a string?
    why? against a team like that?
    did he truly think we had a chance with that lineup? or was he really not interested in winning the cup?

    we have the rest of the season and if i’m not mistaken, there is an International Cup coming up. will he be the same coach for those games or will he have the Courage to change his own style? will he have the Courage to be the kind of Coach that fields the best team available in every game, every week and allow them to win or lose by their own merits?

  4. lou Says:

    kofix will it even be the same coach when those internationial cup games come up? Because as of now i sincerely hope not. Give the reigns to richie and see how he does, get some big name players and some young academy players in the summer transfer window (the players previously mentioned), and if all else fails and richie doesn’t do that well than we bring in a big name european coach (klinnsmen anyone?). I don’t no what red bull FO will do, i don’t no what JCO will do (i don’t think anyone does), but i know what we have to do and what the fans of this team want and deserve and that is something better.

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