AFLOAT IN THE HUDSON RIVER – For the first time in the history of the former USS Intrepid, soccer was played on its historic flight deck when the Red Bulls squared off against sailors from the Aegis guided missile destroyer, U.S.S. Roosevelt (DDG 80), as a part of Fleet Week 2009.

On the flight deck, that went operational after being commissioned for World War II in 1943, two small soccer fields were marked out. And for an hour the Red Bulls and Navy sailors got to kick it around in competitive 6 v 6 matches.

“You don’t get the opportunity to play in a place like this,” said Juan Pablo Angel. “It was a fun event and to be a part of Fleet Week was an honor.”

Though a number of goals were scored into the small nets at each side of the flight deck, a number of balls went overboard as there were a number of errant shots. But the balls had to be fished out of the Hudson River by the NYC Police boats, who were floating nearby.

“I think a number of guys were sending them overboard on purpose,” chuckled Seth Stammler.

And, while the matches were happening, the Red Bull helicopter, in New York for the Jones Beach Air Show, flew nearby taking photos and video.

After the matches, photos were taken and all of the sailors were given soccer balls, t-shirts, and tickets to Sunday’s Red Bulls match against Chicago.

It’s just a small token of appreciation to those who give so much to protect our country.



  1. kofix5 Says:

    who won?

  2. lou Says:

    this was a cool idea, i wish it wasn’t on a thursday though

  3. Cindy Says:

    this was a real awesome event, good job Red Bulls!

  4. geovanny- Says:

    soccer it is for all

  5. Cederash Says:

    Так зачитался, что пропустил любимую передачу)

  6. Ferinannnd Says:

    Хм… Как раз на эту тему думал, а тут такой пост шикарный, спасибо!

  7. protect Says:

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