Good evening everyone and thanks for following us on RBR, as your Red Bulls take on D.C. United at RFK Stadium in the final Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup game to determine which of the two teams will advance to the tournament proper’s Round of 16. The Red Bulls traveled down to the nation’s capital yesterday and today’s weather conditions are perfect as we kick off soon. As usual, we’ll be live blogging within this post. Here is your Starting XI:






Bench: Jon Conway, Kevin Goldthwaite, Nick Zimmerman, Matthew Mbuta, Macoumba Kandji, Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Jorge Rojas

Just a few notes to get you started:

– This is the third time in which the Red Bulls and United have faced off in Open Cup action. New York defeated D.C., 3-2, at Yurcak Field thanks to an Amado Guevara brace and John Wolyniec game-winner in the semifinals of the 2003 tournament. United defeated New York, 3-1, in the 2006 quarterfinals match-up.

– Jorge Rojas, who is on the bench tonight, was suspended by MLS an additional game and fined an extra $750 for his “egregious offense and failure to leave the field in a timely and orderly manner” after his red card foul on Houston Dynamo midfielder Brian Mullan on Saturday in an announcement made late today. Rojas will miss the team’s home matches against Chicago on May 24 and Colorado on May 30.

– Wolyniec has tallied three goals all-time in Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup play and scored his 30th goal for the club (in all competitions) last Saturday in the Red Bulls’ come-from-behind 1-1 tie against the Houston Dynamo. The Staten Island, NY native, who is wearing the Captain’s Armband tonight, also tallied the game-winner in the Red Bulls’ 2-1 road win over the San Jose Earthquakes in the first U.S. Open Cup qualifier on April 29.

– D.C., the defending U.S. Open Cup champion, knocked off FC Dallas, 2-0, at RFK Stadium, to reach this stage.

– Remember: Four substitutes allowed in Open Cup play. If the game is tied after 90 minutes, the teams will play two 15-minute halves. If the game is still tied, then a penalty shootout will take place to determine a winner.

D.C. United’s lineup: Josh Wicks, Bryan Namoff, Greg Janicki, Avery John, Brandon Barklage, Devon McTavish, Chris Pontius, Christian Gomez, Fred, Thabiso Khumalo, Ange N’Silu

Subs: Milos Kocic, Rodney Wallace, Santino Quaranta, Jaime Moreno, Andrew Jacobson, Marc Burch, John DiRaimondo







As always, feel free to leave your pre-game and in-game comments below. We’ll be live blogging the game from here and we’ll do our best to keep you informed of what’s going on.

Red Bulls in white, D.C. United in black.


2′ Offsides on N’Silu trying to get through.

3′ Mendes foul on Khumalo. Free kick in Red Bulls’ half.

4′ Pontius tries to play over the top to Gomez, but he is off.

6′ GREAT CHANCE FOR D.C. Khumalo plays it over the top to Pontius, who makes a run from the midfield. He’s in alone on goal and elects to cross it to Fred, who puts it over the bar from close range.

7′ Pontius earns D.C. their first corner of the game.

8′ D.C. UNITED GOAL: Gomez swings the ball to Pontius, who beats his man and heads it past Cepero. 1-0 D.C. United.

12′ United earns second corner.

12′ Janicki got a head on a Gomez cross after a short corner was played, but a foul was called against D.C.

15′ 15 minutes in and United has done a good job of putting pressure on the Red Bulls’ back line.

16′ Special thanks to the ESC contingent that made the trip down to D.C.!

17′ Pontius slides it to McTavish, whose attempt on goal form 20 yards is caught by Cepero.

18′ Smith tries to find Richards in the box but it is caught by Wicks.

18′ D.C. UNITED GOAL. Khumalo gets through on the Red Bulls defense and circles around Cepero before firing a shot that Hall tries to clear off the line but it goes into the net. 2-0 D.C.

21′ D.C. UNITED GOAL. An N’Silu cross from the left is deflected by Cepero out to Barklage, who blasts it into the empty net. 3-0 United.

22′ Wolyniec almost puts the Red Bulls on the scoreboard when he gathers a Richards pass and his shot is blocked by Wicks.

26′ D.C. UNITED GOAL. Pontius plays a cross field ball to Fred, who beats Hall and hits his first shot off an on-rushing Cepero before knocking in his own rebound. 4-0 D.C.

28′ Rojas looks like he’s getting ready to come into the game.

29′ Pontius fouls Borman. Free kick New York. Borman takes and its flicked on to Boyens, but he can’t control it and it’s cleared.

30′ Khumalo almost gets a shot on Cepero but Mendes does enough to ward him off.

31′ Richards gets past John and to the touchline but Wicks is able to get to the ball before Oduro gets there.

34′ Rojas still by the fourth official. Not sure if he’s going to come in. Now he takes a seat.

36′ Richards almost gets free into the box but United defenders are around him before he’s able to take a shot.

40′ Sassano plays a good over the top ball to Richards, whose cross in the box is knocked away from a corner.

43′ Great chance for New York. Borman puts Smith through, and Smith takes it into the box before curling a shot on goal that Wicks punches away for a corner.

44′ RED BULLS GOAL. Wolyniec plays a ball over the top to Richards, who brushes off his defender and fires past Wicks. 4-1 D.C.

45′ One minute of added time. Oduro gets in and fires a shot straight at Wicks.

HALFTIME: D.C. 4, NY 1. United with a strong offensive performance to start the game but Richards puts New York on the scoreboard.

Red Bulls to make three substitutions at the half. Rojas, Zimmerman and Goldthwaite on for Boyens, Smith and Pietravallo.

46′ Game kics off again. This is Zimmerman’s Red Bulls’ debut. Jacobson on for Gomez for D.C.

48′ RED BULLS GOAL!!! Rojas volleys in a Wolyniec free from the top of the penalty box. 4-2 D.C.

49′ Red Bulls playing a 3-5-2 now with Mendes, Goldthwaite and Hall in the back, Borman, Sassano, Zimmerman, Richards and Rojas in the midfield, and Oduro and Wolyniec up top.

51′ N’Silu gets a shot on goal that’s held by Cepero.

52′ D.C. UNITED GOAL. Fred plays a cross to the box and Cepero comes off his line and can’t get there. Pontius gets to it first and hits it in for his second goal of the game. 5-2 D.C. Mendes down on the ground.

55′ Richards gets fouled 30 yards out. Free kick. Mendes back in the game.

58′ Wallace on for Fred.

59′ Good break for New York and Wolyniec slides it to Rojas, who elects to shoot from 16 yards out. It goes past the far post.

61′ RED BULLS PENALTY KICK! Janicki called with a hand ball off a Borman cross. Rojas steps up and sends Wicks the other way. 5-3 Red Bulls!

63′ D.C. arguing a Red Bulls handball in New York’s box but the referee Mark Kadlecik turns down their appeals.

65′ Just a reminder, Red Bulls still have one more sub as Richards earns a free kick on the right wing.

66′ Borman’s inswinger is nodded wide by Goldthwaite.

67′ DiRaimondo on for Namoff.

71′ Khumalo tries to chip it over Cepero but the goalkeeper catches it.

71′ Richards with a short angle shot that is held by Wicks.

74′ Great chance for New York! Wolyniec gets by his defender on the left side of the penalty box and crosses it in and Janicki almost bundles it in his own net!

75′ Sassano comes so close when Wicks comes off his line to get a ball away and Sassano collects. His chip is just wide.

76′ Borman is played over the top by Sassano and gets in but Wicks is out to block it away. Great ball by Sassano as the visitors press.

77′ Borman cross caught by Wicks.

78′ Barklage low shot caught by Cepero.

80′ Borman earns New York a corner as Burch comes on for Pontius.

81′ Ubiparipovic looks like he’s coming on. He’s on for Borman.

84′ Jacobson shot goes well wide.

86′ Red Bulls trying to press by Rojas’ cross is caught by Wicks.

89′ Good move by the Red Bulls as Wolyniec slides it to Richards, who chips it over the top to Oduro. However, Oduro’s shot is not powerful and is stopped by Wicks.

90′ Three minutes of stoppage time.

92′ Rojas earns Red Bulls a corner as Sinisa takes and it’s cleared. Another corner.

93′ Red Bulls earn free kick from 25 yards as Rojas curls it and it is held by Wicks.





  1. 125 4 Says:


  2. lou Says:

    wait a minute rojas did what? So now he is out 2 games ha perfect

  3. lou Says:

    i hope my boy ubi gets some playing time.

  4. A.T. Says:

    Although the game will not be on t.v. you can listen to the live commentary on at 7p.m.

  5. A.T. Says:

    I hope Rojas stays out for a while, he needs to get his ish together

  6. kahlva Says:

    Ugh. Rojas, stupid stupid move.

    That said, Onstad is a complete do*che.


  7. kofix5 Says:

    I want to hear good things about Khano’s game tonight.

  8. Tim F. Says:

    DC has Gomez and Fred in the starting lineup and Moreno on the bench… I wish Celades and Angel were at least available.

  9. kofix5 Says:

    we need them for our points down the home stratch. as painful as that sounds they need the most recovery time out of anyone on the team. we need to see if the other guys can get it done. because if they can, then we’ve truly got a deep team that can see thru, deep into these tourneys.

  10. lou Says:

    we are using all our subs and reserves and dc has fred and gomez in the starting Xi and jaime on the bench. Tipical dick move by DC, way to play fair.

  11. lou Says:

    oh and rookie of the year candidate pontius is also starting

  12. Tim F. Says:

    It will be an up hill battle for the US Open Cup. Come on Red Bulls!!!

  13. Tim F. Says:

    I was really hoping the Red Bulls would go far in the US Open Cup and the Champions League competition this year.

  14. OgreDave Says:

    Well at least it was a quick death 😦 Comon Woly let’s see some of that fight!!!

  15. OgreDave Says:


  16. Tim F. Says:

    With three quick goals, either DC is playing lights out or NY was not ready to play or both.

  17. mgp Says:

    I wish I was not at RFK.

    Make these zeros walk home.

  18. A.T. Says:

    Wow this is sad. What is going on with the defense? wow. no comment.

  19. Tim F. Says:

    Way to go Wolyniec and Richards!!! Get three more back now!!!

  20. Tim F. Says:

    Way to go Wolyniec and Rojas!!! Get two more back now!!!

  21. jen Says:

    dc united is tearing us apart on their boards!

  22. lou Says:

    who cares what the dc fans r doing, the game is complete bull shit, they got gomez jaime fred pontius and mctavish all starting, if we played our almost complete starting lineup i bet the score line would be very different. I think that was a very low thing for dc to do even for their standards.

  23. jen Says:

    they better kick the fires butts this weekend!

  24. Dave Says:

    Who’s marking Pontius this game?

  25. lou Says:

    3 out of their 5 goals were scored by starters so like i said it would be a different game had they gone out playing reserves like we did.

  26. 125 4 Says:

    JCO takes the open cup seriously? gimme a break.

  27. lou Says:

    oh ok now they take out one of their starters in fred and put in one of their starters and rookie of the year canditate Wallace, i see how this is. Why don’t we put in mac, celadas, stammler, goldy etc etc

  28. lou Says:

    did oduro come out? Everything sounds like it has been from wolyniec it’s like he is playing alone up there

  29. jen Says:


  30. lou Says:

    please red bull come back and beat these guys with our reserves, we will have bragging rites for a long time if we manage to do that. Karma is a bitch DC

  31. OgreDave Says:

    watch out for the Fu** Pontius, boys!!

  32. Tim F. Says:

    Two more goals Red Bulls!!!

  33. Tim F. Says:

    Let”s bring in Kanji now for either Mendes or Zimmerman. Nothing to lose!!!

  34. Jennie Says:

    For Zimmerman’s debut, he is holding his own!!

  35. lou Says:


  36. lou Says:

    come on 15 minutes to come back

  37. lou Says:

    Here’s a litte ESC tune to life the spirits

    DC United went to Rome to see the Pope,
    DC United went to Rome to see the Pope,
    DC United went to Rome to see the Pope
    And this is what he said…
    FUCK OFF!!!

    Who the fucks DC United,
    Who the fucks DC United,
    Who the fucks DC United,

    The Metro marches on

    Glory, glory Metro football
    Glory, glory Metro football
    Glory, glory Metro football
    The Metro marches on!!

  38. A.T. Says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!! That was classic Lou just classic!!!

  39. lou Says:

    Man FUCK THIS TEAM!!! Pull a dc and score 2 goals in the last 5 minutes.

  40. lou Says:

    Oduro’s shot isn’t powerful? What a gosh darn surprise

  41. lou Says:

    Here’s another little ESC diddy to bring a smile to ur face.
    This classic is sung to the tune of we want the funk

    We want the Cup

    We want the cup,
    Got to have that cup,
    Ohhhh we want the cup,
    Got to have that cup.
    Ohhhh we want the cup.

    KIND OF sad because now we’re not getting this cup. Oh well

  42. A.T. Says:

    aaahhhh here we go

  43. A.T. Says:

    I believe the guys fought hard despite the fact that DC played dirty. I believe they will come back with a vengence this Sunday.

    Great job guys!!!

  44. lou Says:

    anyone got any other songs that r pertinent to this occasion? I need my mood to be brightened

  45. lou Says:

    GOD I HATE DC SO MUCH! I hope they move to wyoming, somewhere lame and far away. Great job dc on playing ur starters.

  46. A.T. Says:

    Lou look on look at the positive although dc played dirty we still fought hard.

    There is still the mls cup!

  47. Dannyc58 Says:


    You want Rojas to sit and think about things…that means Khano Smith plays, you sure you want that?


  48. lou Says:

    yea there is still the MLS CUP SO…

    We want the Cup

    We want the cup,
    Got to have that cup,
    Ohhhh we want the cup,
    Got to have that cup.
    Ohhhh we want the cup.

  49. lou Says:


    We hate United, and all of your people.
    Screaming Eagles are posers, they sing for the TV
    Your Barra is quiet, whenever your losing
    You putos are no threat; you’re led by a Flipper

    Sos Cagon Washington, Sos Cagon Washington
    Sos Cagon Washington, Sos Cagon Waaaashington!!!

  50. lou Says:

    ok i think i’m good with the songs for a while now

  51. A.T. Says:

    Nah Danny I would have love to see someone else play over Khano. Don’t get me wrong I love the way Rojas plays but he needs to be more professional.

  52. lou Says:

    i hate the way Rojas plays, he supposedly has skill, but to me he loses the ball alot and that 2 goal game was great but i’m not sure if he will ever get that again, he played well against san jose but they’re garbage, than he played horribly against houston and freaked out and got a red

  53. lou Says:

    he’s still better than khano though, but we definetly need to improve our flanks in the transfer window

  54. onionsack Says:


  55. lou Says:

    and that someone is CHIcago

    i actually went to wendys and they had a promotion for the red bulls there were u can get 2 red bulls tickets for a total of 20 bucks

  56. Bebe Says:

    Man I thought DC played dirty instead of playing their reserves, they played their starters.

    I started to wonder what happened to Oduro, he barely touched the ball, he played so well during the first open cup game.

    Then I found out from my friend who watched the game in D.C. that he was told to defend so it was really only Woly up top. Anyway everyone played well and I believe they will make it to the mls cup.

    Go red bulls!!!

  57. onionsack Says:


    Lets be real Osorio is 0-4 agaisnt the Fire include 2 pretty embarasing loses. the people that need to pay are Osorio and Agoos….these turds need to go.

  58. Cindy Says:

    can we not say the f-word? and i don’t mean f*ck, thanks!

    really Chris Pontius destroys us. wtf. ugh. for all this i hope he at least gets a NT call-up though because that’s the only way i’ll be able to tolerate him.

    also Khano Smith, still terrible. Dom Oduro, not winning himself any playtime.

  59. kofix5 Says:

    what happened to taking this cup run seriously? i don’t think that concept was represented in our line up selections. For example, DC put in their quality guys who bring their A-game every night.
    i have lowered my expectations for this team. they sabotage themselves constantly.
    a great team that doesn’t finish is a

  60. kofix5 Says:

    get Castillo
    I don’t care who you have to fire
    Get Castillo

    There will be no MLS Cup run this year without some big changes. Get rid of the guys who are not performing. Get real players who can deliver the goods. Fire some players who haven’t done anything or caused the most damage to the team.
    Run with 20 field players if you have to. Enough taking chances on some of these guys, after this game we know what they can do.

  61. emilio Says:

    This years team on paper is much better than last years team, lets hope that the team we have seen in the last two regular season league games is the team we will see all year. The team that played last night highlighted why some players are not worthy of being considered starters, Khano Smith, Boyens are two players that have cemented themselves in the Dog house.

  62. lou Says:

    We need castillo, i’ve been saying it since the very day the guy said he wanted out of his club. We need a winger to play on that left wing someone who is good enought to at least shine VDB’s shoes. Osorio and agoos are terrible, i find it funny that i said that many weeks ago and everyone jumped on me and now no one disagrees when someone says it. It was obvious that they r clueless, and they shud have taken this game more serious but seriously DC what the fuck was that lineup all about.

  63. emilio Says:

    Who is Castillo. Come on seriously, he may or may not be good enough for MLS, El Salvador doesnt have a history of producing great players and people are here acting like this Castillo is gonna solve all our problems, thats not gonna happen.

  64. lou Says:

    Ok emilio he has just as good of a chance of fixing our problems as he does to not fix them. No one is saying he is going to be an answer but he is an important piece in a large puzzle. The el salvadorian leageu is horrible, but if you watch his highlights on youtube you will see him demolitioing nationial team defenders, in particular all star defender frankie hejduk. If he can do that to frankie he can probibly do it to just about anyone.

  65. emilio Says:

    Oh ok, i guess we should sign him as long as he looks good on youtube demolishing Hedjuk.

  66. lou Says:

    that isn’t the only reason we should sign him, we should sign him becuase he is young, fast, electric, plays on a nationial team, and plays the position that is our weakest spot rite now, him demolishing hedjuk is just a plus i only pointed it out to show that he does have the skill to compete in the leageu. As of rite now he is our best option to sign, it couldn’t really hurt us to sign him becuase if he does turn out to be shit what can one more shit player really do to harm us and since he is a nationial team teammate of pacheco he is probibly just as good if not better than him. One more reason is he plays beautiful soccer, joga bonito if you will, the kind of soccer that sells tickets and puts asses in the seats.

  67. emilio Says:

    Signing that player isnt going to put people in seats.

  68. lou Says:

    no but playing beautifully and winning will, and castillo is player that can do both those things, or at least he has proven he can with his nationial and club team.

  69. lou Says:

    he could be complete shit and still be an improvement over what we already have on that left flank, but he won’t be shit becuase he has prooved on a global stage that he isn’t

  70. kofix5 Says:

    plus Synergy on the left would be invaluable. He and Pacheco already play together.
    People need to watch that vid. he’s not just breaking down hedjuk there. he does it a lot and to multiple players. Khano sho as hell doesn’t do that. Rojas does it but only while he dribbling full speed toward our own net.

  71. kofix5 Says:

    also i’ve seen a lot of El Salvadorean flags at games since Pacheco arrived. if Castillo plays well, we might get an El Salvadorean Supporters group.

  72. lou Says:

    yea that is what i was thinking to kofix, like i said getting this guy could only help

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