The team has announced that Carlos Johnson’s surgery was a success, though his timetable to return is still in doubt.  Everyone recovers differently, so we hope that Carlos can return to action sooner rather than later.

Also, a preview of the US Open Cup match with DC has been posted on the official site, as has a video preview of the match.  RBR will be posting a running commentary of the match, and getting post match reaction from the club, as always.

In other news, it was announced last night that Matthew Mbuta was named the USL-2 Player of the Week, after his two goal weekend while on loan to Crystal Palace Baltimore.  Congrats Matthew!

Don’t forget about the appearance Thursday at the USS Intrepid.  The team will play some small sided friendlies against US sailors on the flight deck of this famous aircraft carrier as part of Fleet Week.  The event starts at 2 PM and is open to the public.



  1. lou Says:

    i would love to see the intrepid thing but it’s on a thursday at 2 so i don’t see how i’m going to get there. Also when will these open cup games start to have video, this is a pretty big game and i would have loved to of seen it.

  2. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    We are going to try and get some game video and put together something of a highlight package (depending on how good the footage is – otherwise we will put together a package of the best of what we get) to post either on the official site or here at RBR a few days after the match. RBR will also be getting post match video reaction from coach as well as some players. We will also be posting an RBI about the Intrepid event in the coming weeks.

  3. Mentz Says:

    I just hope we can pull off a win against DC. 1) I always want them to beat our rivals, and 2) Since our campaign looks like it its an uphill battle just to get back into Playoff Contention, we still are live in the US Open Cup and in Champions League. Take this advantage for something more to play for that most MLS teams don’t have…

  4. lou Says:

    i absolutely hate DC scum, and becuase our last game against them was a complete debacle, it is imperative that we win this game. I also just heard that the Seattle sounders are leading the voting for the all star game with 8 players out of the starting 11 from their team. If Kandji continues his form and doesn’t get into the game it will be a real crime.

  5. A.T. Says:

    Although the game will not be on t.v. you can listen to the live commentary on at 7p.m.

    It would be nice to be able to see the game though.
    I’m shocked that 8 seattle sounder players are ahead in votes, I voted for Kandji so I have to agree with Lou it woud be a shame if he’s not part of the all star game.

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