Carlos Johnson

RBR has learned that Red Bulls defender Carlos Johnson will undergo surgery later today to repair a  broken bone in his left foot.  Johnson will be out for an indefinite amount of time.

He sustained the injury on Saturday night in the Red Bulls’ 1-1 tie against the Houston Dynamo after a tackle from Houston’s Stuart Holden in the 21st minute and had to be substituted out of the game. Johnson has played in six games for New York, starting in five and tallying one assist.

UPDATE: Here is some video of the injury:




  1. kahlva Says:

    Hope he heals soon! He was looking very good the last few games.

    At least the ref blew his whistle, even if he didn’t show a card (or one for the studs-up challenge to Stammler)…

  2. kpugs Says:

    And of course no card was given, if what Rojas did deserved a straight red card, this abomination of a “tackle” deserved two.

  3. OgreDave Says:

    karma is a b**ch, Houston has it coming to them for such physical play. it’s part of the game, but they were overdoing it.

  4. Cindy Says:

    stupid tackle ugh… and poor CJ trying to walk it off, sucks that’s he’s going to be out so long he was just getting into his groove.

  5. Mentz Says:

    Carlos puts the RED in RED BULL for us this year. While I’m not happy he’s hurt, I’m glad we are getting a more than capable replacement in Jeremy Hall. Let’s see what the kid can do!

  6. Glyn James Davies Says:

    Carlos Johnson, get well soon. Gods speed to a full recovery. All the best to you and the N.Y. Redbulls.

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