Matthew Mbuta

(image from crystalpalaceusa.com)

Matthew Mbuta and Nick Zimmerman returned from their weekend loan to Crystal Palace Baltimore, and trained with the Red Bulls today at Montclair State University.  Both players appearead in two matches over the weekend, with Mbuta scoring in both, including the game-winner on Friday night.  To read more about the matches, check out these links.

Crystal Palace Baltimore-Western Mass Pioneers Recap

Crystal Palace Baltimore-Western Mass Pioneers Box Score

Crystal Palace Baltimore-Charlotte Eagles Recap

Crystal Palace Baltimore-Charlotte Eagles Box Score



  1. Matt Says:

    Check out that CPB/Charlotte box score.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Steve Shak sighting!

  2. Alle Says:

    I knew his name sounded familiar! After looking at wiki, I remembered him.

    Nice to see Mbuta and Zimmerman getting their weekend’s worth of playing time, I hope this continues until they get called up to the first team – hopefully soon for Mbuta.

  3. lou Says:

    i want to see zimmerman for my own eyes. He looks big, strong, and athletic and we’ve given everyone else a shot this year so why not him next?

  4. kofix5 Says:

    Great work guys! Can’t wait to see you get that first team action

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