The Red Bulls take on the Houston Dynamo tonight in a rematch of the Western Conference semifinals.  New York looks to get a another result at home, and try to cool off a red-hot Dynamo team that has not allowed a goal in their last four-plus matches.  RBR will be providing a running commentary for the match, as always.

Here is the video that was played prior to the math during pregame warmups.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

PRE-GAME: Here is the Houston Dynamo starting lineup:







Bench: Hall, James, Waibel, Ashe, Cruz, Ching, Wondolowski

PRE-GAME: Here is the Red Bulls’ starting lineup:







BENCH- Cepero, Wolyniec, Pietravallo, Borman, Hall, Memdes, Richards

NOTES: Same lineup for the Red Bulls as last week, with the exception of Jon Conway returning to the net after missing the San Jose match with food poisoning.

Last night, Matthew Mbuta and Nick Zimmerman helped Crystal Palace Baltimore to a 1-0 win over Western Mass Pioneers in USL-2 action.  Both players played the full 90 at forward and are on a weekend loan to CPB to get match experience.  Mbuta scored the game-winner in the 28th minute, and both players were dangerous all night.  The duo will take on the Charlotte Eagles tonight at 7 PM.

Houston’s Geoff Cameron was a college teammate of the Red Bulls’ Danleigh Borman.

RBR will be tweeting the match at

PRE-GAME: No Ching in the starting lineup for Houston.

1′ And we’re off…

4′ Both teams are playing aggresive defense so far, with the Red Bulls looking to control the tempo.

6′ Holden gets free on the left side, but his centering pass is cleared out by Goldthwaite.

8′ Carlos Johnson puts in a dangerous cross, but its just out of the reach of Kandji.

13′ Neither team has been able to generate much offense so far.  That is more a credit to the defense.

14′ A minor collision between Conway and Kamara causes a Cepero flashback, but neither player is harmed.

17′ First shot on frame comes from Sinisa but Onstad is right there to gobble it up.  The shot was a leadup from a quick restart from Celades.

18′ On a restart from over 30 yards, Cameron gets a head on Davis’ ball, and Conway makes a great save getting a hand on it to push it wide.

22′ Carlos Johnson, who was fouled a few moments ago, is down on the field.  He is on the far sideline now and is being looked at by the training staff.

23′ Looks like he injured his foot.

24′ Stammler has moved into his right back position in the meantime.  Hall is warming up on the sidelines as Houston picks up the attack.

25′ Johnson limps back onto the field, but he looks like he is coming out.  Kandji with a shot on net that earns a corner.

26′ NY sub: Hall for Johnson.

27′ Yellow to Akinbiyi after he gets into it a bit with Goldthwaite.

33′ Conway comes up with it after a scrum in front of the goal mouth. A close call.

34′ Johnson left the game with a left foot sprain.  He will be taken for x-rays.

35′ Rojas earns a red for an elbow to Mullan.  10 man Red Bull for the rest of the match.

35′ Angel also earns a yellow.

39′ Pacheco has moved upfield a bit to cover for Rojas’ absence.

41′ Kandji doesn’t see an open Angel in the middle and his shot goes right at Onstad.

44′ Kandji is down after getting a shot to the chops.   He is bloodied but should be ok.

45′ 3 minutes of added time.

45+’  HALFTIME 0-0.

HALFTIME: A very physical first half.  With just 10 men, the Red Bulls were still able to generate chances, but playing the second 45 down a man should be a test for New York.  Rojas will miss next Sunday’s match with the Fire after be issued the red card, but will be available for the US Open Cup match at DC on Wednesday.

HALFTIME: No changes for NY.

HALFTIME: No changes for Houston.

46′ And we’re back…

48′ Akinbiyi’s header goes wide.

51′ Houston has carried the bulk of the possession thus far in the second half.

55′ Houston earns a series of corners, but does not get a shot on frame.

57′ Corner for NY.

57′ Hall gets his head on it, but it goes over.

60′ Goldthwaite clears a dangerous cross for a corner.

62′ Sinisa’s cross looks like its going to find Angel on the far post, but Onstad gets his finger tips on it.

67′ Houston sub: Wondolowski for Akinbiyi.

70′ Petke finds Angel on the back post, but he can’t get a shot off.

71′ Wondolowski puts on over on a turnaround in the area.

72′ Conway has some indecision on an in-between ball, and comes off his line just in time.

74′ NY sub: Richards for Celades; Hou sub: Ashe for Chabala.

78′ Goal Houston.  Ashe breaks free down the left side and his cross finds Wondolwoski, who one time it home.

81′ Conway parries away a Holden shot from distance.

82′ NY sub: Wolyniec for Pacheco.

87′ Red Bulls are pressing forward for the equalizer, but are having trouble generating chances.

88′ Did we just say NY was having trouble with chances?  Richards puts one into the area, and Wolyniec turns around to put past Onstad. 1-1.

90′ After some nifty moves from Kandji, another ball finds Wolyniec, but his shot is blocked.

90+’ Houston sub: Waibel for Davis.

90+’ FINAL 1-1.  Check back for post match reaction.




  1. Karbaz Says:

    Cmon Bulls, another great performance!

  2. Karbaz Says:

    Oh god here we go, we are falling apart.

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Rojas that was completely disgraceful, you should be suspended for half the season for that, hope the houston player is ok.

  4. lou Says:

    fucking rojas, who did he think he was? A MMA fighter? He comes in with an elbow and a spinning round house kick. WHY does this always happen to us?

  5. lou Says:

    oh but that conway save was outstanding, off the side of his foot falling down and than tips it into his hands, noice noice.

  6. A.T. Says:

    I am so pissed at Rojas right now, not only did he intentionaly attack that player then he tries to pick a fight with Onstad. Being a veteran he should’ve shown better class than that.
    But as we all now he’ll be back after when he serves his one game suspension.

  7. A.T. Says:

    Did anyone catch that elbow that Kandji got? Why was that called, he’s bleeding r u serious?

  8. A.T. Says:

    I mean to say why wasn’t that called?

  9. kofix5 Says:

    Jeremy’s got good hustle.
    we need to score on these posers

  10. A.T. Says:

    Man! Not again! Defenders not paying attention and Houston scores. It’s like the D.C. game all over again.

    But there is some time left, we can still score.

  11. A.T. Says:

    Yes! Woly got it! Now if we could just get one more!

  12. kofix5 Says:


  13. lou Says:

    The wolyinator back from the depths of the bench to save metro yet again. We nearly won it at the end but it was blocked off the line.

  14. Cindy Says:

    craziness!!! that was a beauty from Woly!! i will take that one point thankyouverymuch!

  15. kofix5 Says:

    Walk tall my Bulls.

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