Late match heroics from John Wolyniec allow a 10-man Red Bulls side to get a point out of a very physical match with the Dynamo.  The draw runs New York’s unbeaten streak against Houston in all competitions to five (2-0-3).   We caught up with some players in the locker room to get their reaction:

What are your thoughts on the match?  Do you think the Red Bulls got a deserved point?  What are your thoughts on the physicality of the match?  How about the Red Bulls pulling one out in the final minutes, a reversal of something that has happened too many times the other way this season.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Cindy Says:

    i love Woly’s reaction to his goal haha

  2. Alle Says:

    Got back a few hours ago, Wolyniec was the hero tonight, hands down! As soon as he scored, we all erupted into celebration and I gotta admit, after Houston scored, it felt good jumping in the air for joy, we needed it because before that, we were a ‘deflated’ side. Those last few minutes were nail biting after the goal, most of us were practically on our feet hoping that someone would get the winner – Kandji wasn’t too far from it, neither was Wolyniec in the 90th in that big commotion. Unbelievable, if only we didn’t give so much space on the Houston goal – Pacheco was supposed to be there damnit.

    Anyways, it was another good night at Giants Stadium, although the performance wasn’t 100%. I gotta say this though: That referee was retarded. Rojas didn’t even deserve his red card (I wasn’t sitting near the incident as I was on the other side where the crowd was), I didn’t see anything reckless. Houston was very physical for the most part, I’m surprised we didn’t see many cards from them – he’s an idiot like I said.

    Angel was nearly invisible (this just isn’t his season at the moment).

  3. jess Says:

    i’m not sure about the rojas red card either. rojas did raise his arm though so there is always a danger that a ref will send a player off, even though i thought rojas should only have received a yellow card IMO.

    an amazing bit of ball control from woly for his goal to tie the game! wolyniec is a good guy to throw on if we need a goal late on in a game.

    while it was a good point gained with 10 men, we were lucky ade akinbyi goal did not stand. does any-one know why akinbyi’s goal in the first half was ruled out? i’m glad it was though!

    • Alle Says:

      Kamara had tangled with Goldthwaite so the ref blew his whistle before Akinbiyi even chipped Conway – thank god for that!

  4. Pico Says:


    I only wish that Woly had scored on the second chance he had after the sick move Kandji put on his defender on the left wing. I think the team played better with 10 man than when Rojas was in there. Pacheco didn’t have a good game, constantly letting his man get behind him. Ubi seems more at easy on the right wing, although he is holding onto the ball too much.

    As an aside note, there were some interesting comments about the referee by Osorio and Angel over at the NY Post soccer blog. I wonder how the league is going to react.

    Is was nice to see all those kids at the stadium last night, cheering for the team. However, you could tell their parent had no idea what to do at a football game or what to expect.


  5. lou Says:

    I felt that the game had its’ ups and downs. Woly scored a great dieing minute goal in true woly fashion, but besides that we were pretty flat. That rojas card was completely deserved first he turned and connected with his elbow and than while falling did some kind of spinning round house kick that missed the defenders head by a few inches. There is no reason for a veteran player to be behaving like that. Ubi and kandji played very well tonight, as did celadas, but angel was stagnant the whole game. We’ll see what happens next week, but all in all this was a good point.

  6. Mentz Says:

    Good atmosphere last night and they guys played hard for the full 90 in my opinion. I’m concerned about JPA though. He walks for most of the match and then continues to criticize his teammates when they don’t provide a perfect ball into him. He had that one moment of brilliance when he beat two defenders, but other than that he needs to heat up if we’re going to go anywhere in this year’s campaign…

  7. Memit Says:

    That stupid Holden BREAK THE LEG of Carlos Johnson and he even didn’t shown a yellow card !!!!!!!

  8. kahlva Says:

    Great heart from the Red Bulls Saturday.

    Rojas card totally undeserved – he was FALLING after being hacked (and hacked repeatedly with no calls) and his arm flies out. Yes, he overreacted. But there was nothing intentional there.

    Carlos Johnson – broken foot and no card?
    Seth Stammler – studs-up challenge on him and no card?
    Mac Kandji – elbow to his face and no card?

    Yeah, awful ref… yet again.

    Proud of the team for continuing to battle!

  9. kofix5 Says:

    Houston going to hate playing us from this moment on. Bunch of hacks.

  10. kofix5 Says:

    RedBulls kept their game up though. I am really impressed by the spirit and positivity that comes through in the post game interview video.
    Keep ya heads up Bulls!!!

  11. CEA Says:

    Good point for Red Bulls!!, good game also!.

    Things to take in consideration will be:

    1. I said this before, about Conway, he needs to be more secure on “Air Balls”, I don’t know why he Freezes, on important air balls?, the one of the goal for example, excuse me but I can not blame defenders for this, It was his ball!!!, he frooze, why he didn’t go for it and punch it!, like in another previously air ball???, it was his fault!!
    2.- I think, Osorio should put Juan Pablo Angel on the bench, for a couple of games, maybe that is the only way he react to fight for his position!, Osorio should try pairing Woly & Kandji as forwards.
    3.- Rojas, deserve “La Roja”(the red card), he is a professional player, His reaction was not appropiate, he needs to start thinking as a team, his behaivor is affecting RedsBulls, He should be glad, Woly tied the game, if not I will be blaming all to him!, and I think not only me!.

    Go for Chicago, Red Bulls!

    • Alex Says:

      I agree with you. Angel need to be benched for couple of games and let him compete for the forward spot.

  12. j1mbr0wn Says:

    Woly the Super Sub! Certainly, some true grit when playing with 10.

  13. OgreDave Says:

    Woly always comes through for us, he is the hero in this match. I also loved the turnout! I hope the team realizes that there is a lot of weight given by the fans for winning games. 14k showed up and the team responded well!!

    keep it up boys…


  14. lou Says:

    Rojas was not simply falling down, he got pushed from behind and while falling completely turned his torso and connected with an elbow and while still turning and falling came with a kick that just missed the defender’s head. Than when on the ground you can see rojas clearly saying “punta”. After that the ref came over and the rest was history. Perhaps the houston player deserves a yellow for the shove, and perhaps he would have gotten one had his foul not been completely over shadowed by Rojas’ flying kick of death.

  15. lou Says:

    and yeah the atmosphere was good and 14,500 may be good for us but it’s still below the league average. I guess though if you put it in perspective that attendance number is an accomplishment for us.

  16. Alle Says:

    @Lou: Our side was packed (as is always the case when I go), which made things good since you could really feel the crowd around you. I hate seeing the other side not filled though, think of all the free seats I could’ve gotten on that side! I’m confident all of this will change next year.

    As for the JPA situation: I’d rather see Woly or Oduro replace Angel upfront than see him continue his slump. This hasn’t been his year at all and I know why: it’s the money and that contract he was given. He knows he’s going to get that starting spot week in and week out so ofcourse he’s going to be lazy as long as he’s in la-la land. I would love to see Angel be benched just so he can get a dose of reality and know that his spot isn’t safe. Then again, we all know how much Osorio just loves Angel so him being benched anytime soon would be like me dating the hottest girl in college next year (well that could happen lol).

  17. lou Says:

    i think angel is playing so lackadasical is becuase of his age and turf. Sure the contract may have some bearing on the whole situation but people forget just how old he really is. Woly would be a good replacement for a first half just to see how things work out becuase he has earned the spot, but i wouldn’t want benching angel to become a permanent thing.

  18. kofix5 Says:

    Alle-the secret is confidence. that’s all nothing else.

  19. Jack says. Says:

    What the heck is wrong with Angel ,the last few games he hasn;t been himself.Woly was super as always when needed,lets see some of the new guys set up to the plate maybe Zimmerman or Mbuta please!

  20. Alle Says:

    Kofix you’re right about that ofcourse. At the moment there isn’t any confidence whatsoever sadly.

    Money has just as much to do with it as well however. If he knows he’s going to get paid a huge sum week in and week out, he’s likely to slack off abit. Ofcourse there are players who do well and get paid big time as well(My favorite example would be Henry). But Angel is different since this might be his retiring spot, like think of all the good players who go to a country like Saudi Arabia or Qatar by the age of 33 or 34 – it’s so that they can get their retirement “check” by making appearances before they leave the world stage for good. I think Angel is having this mentality now to be honest.

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