As you go to vote for your MLS All-Stars, RBR wants to make sure you know where to find all of your Red Bull options (there has been some confusion lately as to who is available and where to find them). Without further ado, here are the Red Bull players you can vote for:

Goalkeeper: Jon Conway

Defenders: Jeremy Hall, Kevin Goldthwaite, Carlos Johnson, Carlos Mendes, and Alfredo Pacheco

Midfielders: Albert Celades, Macoumba Kandji, Dane Richards, Jorge Rojas, and Seth Stammler

Forward: Juan Pablo Angel

If you don’t want to see 11 Seattle Sounders players or 11 Toronto FC players, you need to vote early and vote often, then go and tell two friends to do the same, and so on, and so on (ala this classic Faberge Shampoo advert)



4 Responses to “ALL-STARS IN FOCUS”

  1. onionsack Says:

    fan vote only counts for 25% even if those dolts in Seattle or Toronto try and fix the vote the media, players, etc % would offset them

  2. kahlva Says:

    Are the Bulls still training on artificial turf?

    I just read that they’re not practicing on the grass field yet. Is that true?

  3. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    the team has been practicing on both grass and turf, depending on weather and field conditions. We have been to training this week and we can assure you that the team has been training on grass. The day that the NYPD “Finest” Soccer team came to training the team was on grass. There are photos here:

  4. lou Says:

    i hope they play on grass soon, turf is horrible especially for the older players and injured players. My team plays on turf every practice and game and it’s taking a toll on me i can only iimagine what it must be like for them,.

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