Did you see Mac giving not only the ESC, but also the Red Bull badge some love after his goal against the ‘Quakes?  Some good work recognizing the best fans in MLS, and then giving the badge of the team that put him on the MLS stage to perform a quick smooch.



12 Responses to “LOVE KANDJI STYLE”

  1. MasterShake Says:

    at least someone is giving us some love 😦

  2. MasterShake Says:

    at least somebody is giving us some love 😦

  3. MasterShake Says:

    lol..didnt mean to post that twice, the first time it wasnt showing up

  4. kahlva Says:

    Gotta love Kandji giving the fans love.


  5. lou Says:

    this is why the fans love this guy, he is talented for sure, but he lobes being here and loves this club

  6. perucho Says:

    Gotta love the Red Perucho banner they got up now!

  7. Cindy Says:

    love getting love

  8. onionsack Says:

    It was great, kinda reminds me of the days when Giovanni Saverese would sprint over to 101 and freak out with the fans.


  9. Alle Says:

    “All you need is love, love”

    Great player with respect for the club and the kit that’s on his back week in and week out, what a beast.

  10. Alexa Says:

    gotta love everyone… red bulls rock!! do kandji!!!

  11. natsteel Says:

    It was reminiscent of Savarese celebrating with the ESC. Who would’ve thought that we would find such a replacement for Altidore? Kandji has more ball skills than Altidore did (whether Osorio likes it or not) but, besides his size, he reminds me of Jozy alot. He has the ability to take the ball out wide and run at defenders and can create goals for himself. He doesn’t have Altidore’s size or strength but Altidore wasn’t nearly as fast as Kandji and we saw how Celades can help to utilize that speed by setting Kandji free numerous times with little chips over the top for him to run onto. For the first time, the season looks a bit bright.

  12. Alex Says:

    We love you BIG MAC


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