Los Caballos Viejos, known in English as “The Old Horses”, won the second-annual Red Bulls “Iron Chef” Cook-Off at ESPN Zone Tuesday afternoon. The team consisted of Alfredo Pacheco, Jorge Rojas, Juan Pietravallo and Carlos Johnson. They edged out “The Four Horsemen”, which was made up of Danny Cepero, Albert Celades, Jeremy Hall and Seth Stammler. READ THE RECAP ON THE OFFICIAL SITE.  Check out judge Lolita Lopez’ WPIX-11 blog entry on the event.  Here is a picture of the winners (there is a full photo gallery on official site as well):





  1. Menace Says:

    The first red thing Pietravallo has received this year that wasn’t a card.

  2. JonnyG Says:

    Hee Hee Hee! I guess they cook better then they serve crosses!

  3. Cindy Says:

    haha! i guess Lou had something with spanish flair, good for them! aaand now i want spanish food.

  4. Mentz Says:

    Pietravallo, our $250,000 / year amateur chef…

  5. lou Says:

    Maybe we should release pietrovallo from the team so we can sign a youngster but keep him as team cook, argentine food is great. I guess we finally found something he was good at.

  6. Ed Says:

    So that’s what he was doing all that time on the bench, concocting new recipes…

  7. Fredo Says:

    Love that nick too—-Caballo Viejo

  8. onionsack Says:

    Looked great, i am unsure if it can top the dishes concocted by the “Hot Carls” last year.

    Looks like those guys enjoyed themsleves.

  9. Mr.Carrot77 Says:

    There might be unanswered questions about global warming, but LA’s smog still looks like some kind of green swamp gas, and we are still seeing our lakes and rivers polluted at alarming rates. ,

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