Two Red Bull Academy products are in to train with the first team Monday.  The first is someone that is familiar to New York fans, Johnny Exantus.  One of the first bright stars the Academy produced, Exantus is in for a two-week trial, beginning today and ending on or about May 22.  Having spent some time with Belgium’s Royal Racing Football Club Montegnée, Exantus returns to the US to get an official tryout from the Red Bulls.

Also training with the first team, though not on an official trial, is Academy U20 and US U20 MNT player Dilly Duka. The midfielder from Montville, NJ played for Rutgers University the last two seasons.

“We have brought in Johnny to see how he has developed since his time with our Academy program,” stated Red Bulls Sporting Director Jeff Agoos.  “Dilly is another prospect that our Academy program has produced, and he is here to train with the first team as one of the benefits that we are able to use to help progress the experience of our Academy players.  We have done several times in the past and will continue to utilize this valuable tool moving forward.”

In addition, Matthew Mbuta returned from a weekend loan to the Richmond Kickers (USL-2).  The forward played the full 90 minutes in a 1-0 loss away to the Bermuda Hogges, but was a dangerous player the whole match.



10 Responses to “MONDAY AT TRAINING”

  1. MetroStone Says:

    too bad MLS rule hinder promoting Academy kids to the senior team

    one day they will wake up

  2. lou Says:

    Man our academy is stacked, DUKA IS AMAZING btw, and exantus, kassell, and the kid playing for the u17 teams all have some great talent. We would be loaded if the league rules changed. I hope next year we offer duka sometype of contract, otherwise he is bound to end up in europe.

  3. Rooney20 Says:

    Sign at least one of them NOW!

  4. lou Says:

    according to ives red bull has the possiblity of signing both if they really wanted to. Exantus turned down an offer from a french club in order to play for us so he will be easier to sign, and we can use a generation adidas pick to get duka.

  5. Cindy Says:

    weekend loan? that’s an interesting concept… either way it’s real good for Mbuta to get a full 90 under his belt.

  6. Ken U Says:

    metrostone the MLS changed the academy rule according to the New York Post to allow 2 GA contracts a year and 4 signings

  7. onionsack Says:


    No excuses for not signing one of these kids and finally giving this academy program a chance to work for us. We have a lot of possible players we can sign.

  8. Keith Says:

    I go to Rutgers currently and have been to many of the soccer games where Dilly Duka has featured. The kid is really some class. Last I saw him was a match against UC Santa Barbara (in which Rutgers won amazingly) had Duka score on a free kick as well as get a goal from open play if memory serves me. MVP of the match and would be totally psyched to see him as a Redbull or even as a world player (course i wouldnt mind to have the jersey of a fellow Rutgers compatriot)

  9. DS Says:

    You guys seem to forget that to sign a player we have to cut someone. I know everyone (me included) want them to cut Pietra, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. And I also don’t think they would cut Smith, Oduro, or Richards, so which player with actual MLS experience should they cut to bring in an untested academy player?

    I think there needs to be a campaign started to get rid of this rule that you can only have a specific number of players on a team. They have a salary cap, why can’t a teams choose to pay as many players as they want as long as they stay under the cap? Why does there have to be so many other restrictions after the initial cap? (i.e. developmental vs senior or international slots)

  10. lou Says:

    The league definetly needs to expand the rosters slightly to make room for 2 or 3 academy players, bring back the reserve league as soon as possible so that these young players can develop on the team without having to play in full games, and expand the salary cap. The sooner this is done the better. Since all those things aren’t in place rite now and because they have to cut someone to have these guys on the team, i would think they should cut khanom, pietra, or maybe boss if he isn’t what he was cracked up to be after his injury.
    It would be nice to have another question and answer with erik stover to see if maybe he knows if the league will be changing its’ rules or what chance these players have of making the team. If I were him i would be pushing the league constantly to change their rules to fit something similar to what i said becuase these restriction clealry hurt our team. We have arguable the best academy out of all the mls teams and yet it is nearly impossible to use that talent.

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