The best performance so far by the Red Bulls this season, as they got two goals from Jorge Rojas and tallies from Juan Pablo Angel and Macoumba Kandji. The Red Bulls set a club record for four goals in the first half and they were dominant in the first 45 minutes. We caught up with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, Kandji, Angel and goalkeeper Danny Cepero after the exciting win tonight.

Who was your man of the match? What do you think was the difference? Are you excited for the game against Houston? Let us know what your thoughts and post-game reactions are!




  1. Big Daddy Says:

    It was great to see the team finally score some goals and enjoy a well deserved win. Hopefully we can carry this momentum into the following weeks and turn this season around! GO RED BULLS!!!!

  2. Matt Says:

    Much much better. Keep it going guys!

  3. Mentz Says:

    Kandji is so mature and focused. This kid is going to be something big, mark my words…

  4. Chris Says:

    Kevin and Seth the best players? Osorio really is nuts.

  5. Chris Says:

    Mentz Says:
    May 9, 2009 at 1:14 AM | Reply
    “Kandji is so mature and focused. This kid is going to be something big, mark my words…”

    Yeah he is gonna be big. Then MLS will sell him from us and we’ll have to look for another Kandji or Altidore that will leave us again. Don’t you just love MLS?!

  6. gas huffer Says:

    Great lineup.

    More of the exact same thing, please. Home & Away.

  7. OgreDave Says:

    I think Celades was the un-sung hero of this win. he set up plays and kept possession for us in the midfield that we have not had all season so far. Rojas played as he was supposed to; an attacking mid and the 2 goals showed how he responds to playing his natural position.

    Individual efforts aside, the team played with heart, soul, skill and honor.

    Now, let’s hope that this effort is kept up for the next 3 matches, we have Houston (on a hot streak) and The Fire who punish teams who are not on their games, as well as Colorado. Let’s show up for our boys to each of the home matches coming up, I think that will push us over the edge.


  8. herzog74 Says:

    C’mon Lou, Where’s your positive comments?

  9. lou Says:

    My postive comments or my honest comments herzog? Would you like me to be like IB and just constantly praise this team for shit decisions? When the team plays bad i say they play bad, when we play good (which really hadn’t happened before this game) i say they played good. There have been so many bad games so there has been a lot of negativity but who’s fault is that, if we played well you would have never heard any negativity.

    Anyway here is what i thought of tonight’s game…
    Ubi played well tonight because that is his first time Ubi played in that position so considering that i think he played extremely well, he did everything that was asked of him.
    Kandji was amazing and it’s so great that he is so proud to play for this team, he kisses the crest after every goal.
    Celadas imo is better than schletto, he may not be as much of a scoring threat but the guy can flat out play. Did anyone see the cruff turn he did in the corner were he destroyed two players?
    Angel i would have liked to of seen run more but he played a good game.
    Rojas played badly in the second half he kept giving the ball away, but hey he scored twice so who cares i guess.
    Stammler is an unsung hero in every game, he cleans everything up everytime.
    Goldy shut down weaver on every play.
    Pacheco and Johnson were all star caliber defenders tonight.
    I know it’s still early, but this is the first time i’ve been exited about this team since the playoffs last year. Granted osorio could end up changing the lineup, and we may not play up to this quality every game, but this game showed that we can beat anyone at our best.

  10. kofix5 Says:

    Funny I was looking for Lou too 🙂 must be sleeping late.

    Celades is my man of the match. He plays with a great amount of poise and sets up runs with vision. I could tell he’s still getting his legs under him and he’s adjusting to the MLS rough n tumble style of play but he performed well under pressure.

    Kandji is a striker.

    I’m looking forward to the next few games. The big test is still to come. Chicago deserves a beat down for what they did to Kandji the other week.

  11. kofix5 Says:

    oh there you are

  12. kofix5 Says:

    Lou-ur right on the $

  13. lou Says:

    What i want to know is where are those people that argued with me and said i didn;t no what i was talking about when i said oduro shouldn’t be playing over kandji several games back. All those people said i hated oduro and that he should get a shot and all i said was if something is broke why try to fix it by taking out a perfectly good striker. Well kandji played today not oduro and he played damn well, and he loves this team so congrats to kandji.

  14. lou Says:

    also has anyone checked the web cam lately because it looks like the silver piece that was going on as a roof may have fallen off last night. Haha kind of funny if you think about it.

  15. kofix5 Says:

    i think sinisa had a great game on the right last night, played his heart out and was effective. he showed skill on the ball and made good passing decisions. he’s was not perfect but he played well. i wish i could say the same about richards. i dont know if sinisa can stand up to holden and houstons LB next week but i wouldn’t mind seeing him try. i’d also like to see hall with his skill playing in the midfield and his defensive experience at RB i think he’d be valuable at that position. i want to see richards sitting in the stands wth his family and mbuta coming off the bench.

  16. kofix5 Says:

    i meant to say that i like Hall at RM

  17. A.T. Says:

    First of all Lou I know you are not going to sit on this blog and lie. I know for a fact that I never stated that Oduro shoud play over Kandji. I said Oduro should be playing with Kandji and Angel.

    You are the one that constantly talked down on Oduro eventhough the guy has barely played so if you are going to quote something quote it right.
    Eventhough you think he is so bad, he played in the Open Cup and guess what? The team won so what do you have to say about that? All I remember saying is to give him a chance to play, just like how other ppl feel certain players should play.

    But like always you have to open your mouth and say something bad about whoever you feel like picking on and for some reason Oduro and Richards are your targets.

    You can never just say anything positive always negative. The team played well let’s just leave it at that.

  18. A.T. Says:

    And you do hate the guy because you have said some awful stuff about him since the day he joined RBNY.

    So please stop lying.

  19. lou Says:

    I never said some awful stuff about the guy’s personality, i never wished him any harm, i never said any of that shit, i said he wasn’t a good player and shouldn’t be playing with angel in place of kandji, you say you wanted him to play with angel and kandji, well how would that of happened we play 2 up top so one person would have to be out of position adn that’s the last thing we need rite now. I can never say anything positive? Really? Becuase my post about our game sounded pretty positive, and no matter how well a team plays there are still things that they can improve on so i pointed them out. You attacked me constantly for a period of time, i would leave a comment not concerning you in any way and than you would post saying I had no idea what i was talking about and all that other bullshit even though people are usually agreeing with me not you. So maybe you shouldn’t lie.

    He played in the open cup, great who cares, the fact is that angel and kandji played well together and there should be no reason to mess that up. Other people say to give other players a chance but that is usually at a week position like the wings or the defense early on in the season, but our striker tandem kandji and angel played well together and so i don’t recall many people saying that should be changed. Your a pretty big hyprocryte saying that i open my mouth all the time, I have a problem with you now and so yeah i’m going to call you out on a regular basis, you mocked my anaylsis previously to cover up the fact that you have no clue what your doing.

    By far though the funniest thing you just wrote was that oduro and richards are my targets, that is hilarious, i can find you several other people who recently posted who think richards and oduro are weaker options than kandji and some other player and last night’s game proved that the team does in fact play well without ricahrds starting or oduro starting. The dc game featured both those players in the lineup in the first half, and in the second half when they were gone we played our best soccer for 30 minutes or so. Yeah we lost but that was after osorio started subbing players out.

  20. DS Says:

    So none of this is down to Osorio? Everyone kept saying to play Ubi in the attacking mid role, no one said on the right. Everyone wanted Rojas out and Hall on the left, no one said put Rojas on the left. Everyone wanted Smith out, and he didn’t even suit up. Everyone was complaining about Johnson, but as you saw he’s a really good addition to this team (just made a few bad mistakes early on). I think Osorio deserves credit for this win. He put out a lineup that no one was expecting and that worked better in the first half than any other NY has ever. Having Celades and Stammler fit enough to start is huge for us.

    As a warning, Osorio will probably change this lineup in the next couple weeks. Celades is clearly not 100%, when he was taken off he was on the side stretching for the entire rest of the match. And Rojas was getting tired very early in that second half and had to come out. I think some of these players are a bit old for 90 minutes so they are going to have to be rotated around. But now we see what they can do, and even with a change or two, we need to keep getting behind this team.

  21. lou Says:

    DS no doubt Osorio finally made some good decisions for choosing this lineup so yeah propts to him, but celadas was never supposed to go for 90 osorio said that he would probibly only be 60 minutes or around there so i wouldn’t be to worried with the stretching. Even with that said i wouldn’t be surprised if osorio goes back to his old ways and changes the lineup several times. He gets some credit for the win but i don’t think the fan base will really be praising him until he shows some consistency in the way he coaches ie the lineup and the results.

  22. Pico Says:

    There was an article in Brian Lewis’ blog at the NY Post about how Osorio was to scrap his 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 formation because the players were not performing (specifically Smith and Richards). So we saw some of those changes last night. If the starting eleven from now on are:

    I think the bench should be a combination of:

    Conway/Cepero (depending who is starting)
    Borman (can sub for Pacheco or Rojas)
    Mendes/Boyens (give the Kiwi some love once in a while)
    Mbuta (sub for Ubi or Kandji)
    Wolyniec (sub Angel or Kandji up front)
    Hall (sub for Johnson or Rojas on the left)
    Sassano (can sub for Stammler)

    So now we do not have a team of just speedsters, but football players. Still need to see what Zimmerman brings to the team.

    Up in the highest seats away from the field:
    Smith, Richards, Oduro, Peitraviolence (I am borrowing that from someone else).


  23. Pico Says:


    Lou and AT. I know this is a public forum but let’s bury the hatchet already and move on.


  24. DS Says:

    Lou, I would have to disagree, I don’t think there is anything he can do. I think that this fan base will always want changes and I really don’t think anything will be good enough. Osorio wins a great game and gets no credit. You want consistency in coaching and his lineup, well he is always consistent in the way he coaches. Defense first, very organized and tactically responsive to the opposition. The line-up is a different story, but his philosophy is not about just putting the best XI out there, it’s about putting out the best XI in relation to a specific opposition. He will always take his opponent into consideration much more than most fans would agree with when forming a game-plan, and that won’t change no matter the results.

  25. lou Says:

    that’s not really what i mean when i said consistency in his coaching, i mean he has to consistently do things when coaching like keeping the same lineup and bench or whatever, and he needs to consistently get wins, the fans of this team like any other team want wins, wins heal all wounds. I gaurantee you that if we play like that every game no one will be calling for his head. That’s great that he plans ahead and scouts the opposition but he is overthinking and allowing the pressure to get to him, after last night’s game it shouldn’t really matter who we play because that lineup can handle anyone.
    And Pico i think you were spot on with your anaylsis and i would be fine with burrying the hatchet but my main problem with AT is that although you are another person that feels Oduro and Richards should not even be on the bench, AT constantly singles me out and attacks me and makes it seem like I’m being unreasonable and that i hate oduro and that is rediculous. So far I know that kofix, Pico, and me all think richards and oduro shouldn’t be playing so i already know of three regulars on this blog that think the way i do AT. Still think I don’t no what i’m talking about AT? Fine but i have no time for people like you.

  26. Cindy Says:

    i like Ubi and i think he plays with great hustle and heart, but i do think his first touch is definitely lacking, he has a tough time controlling and needs to work on that.

    i thought Johnson was really great this game, and i’m glad to see him shaking off those red cards, he’s got a fantastic throw in too.

    Cepero had some great reaction saves last night, always good to see and he can only get better and better i’m sure.

    backline did well, Angel and Kandji did great, Stammler is always a solid for us, probably the only one who brings it every game, and the midfield was good, not great but they did what they needed to do. Rojas benefited from being able to play higher but homeboy still turns over balls like crazy.

    let’s hope this continues on for us!

  27. lou Says:

    i completely agree cindy, rojas played well but man he couldn’t hold on to the ball at all the second half, and cepero is a really athletic goalie but he is still young so he makes some mistakes like when they scored that goal he was caugh in between staying in the net and coming out and he was punished for it. Let’s hope he continues to develop becuase he can be very good one day.

  28. IB Says:

    I think the problem with Lou is he can very well read but he has problem comprehending.
    Lou,i have disagreed with the coach but i was not willing to keep bitching on the same thing every day, everybody need a chance in life people should not over react on every thing, it is sad that we lost lot of games.
    I believe the coach was aware of his misjudgements.
    On issues with Oduro,no body was saying that Oduro should replace Kandji,we were suggesting a playing time for Oduro since the team was loosing constantely,you were even blaming the team’s lost on Oduro who was on the bench. Angel and Kandji played very well in our last game but i have not seen you disecting their mishaps, they both gave away balls and missed goal chances but if Oduro was in the game you would critisize him on every touch on the ball.
    I will be very happy with the same line up next week but if Oduro comes in as a sub or a starter please be fair in your analysis don’t look for negatives.

  29. lou Says:

    I gaurantee you that i did not blame one lose on Oduro if he was on the bench. If you’re referring to when he played in the first half in place of kandji like in the dc game and we ended up playing far better in the second half after oduro came out and i pointed that we may have won had kandji started and played the whole game, than i think i was quite reasonable in saying that.
    You say you want to fit oduro in for playing time but again where would you do that? How could you possible fit him in without encroaching on other’s playing times.
    You’ve disagreed with the coach? That’s news to my ears becuase when ever anyone said something about him screwing with linueps you were their to say believe in him, instead of pointing out his faults. If you don’t try to fix something and you don’t point out your weaknesses how will things ever get fixed?
    You haven’t seen me disect their mishaps? Where were you then? You say i’m never positive but i was very positive with my first post today the day after we played very well (coincidence not really).
    As far as mishaps go i am always saying angel is talented but never hustles, and that kandji is horrible on the wing. Two of my favorite players so far and there you go that is two critics that i have just pointed out, not so hard for me to do becuase i’ve done it before.
    I think your problem is you’re a hypocryte, telling me i have a problem comprehending when you never seem to understand what i’m typing. You called me out several times on things that you ended up being wrong about, and you twist and exagerrate everything i say. If things got fixed than i would have nothing to complain about, but as things stand rite now a lot of bad thigns have happened and i’ve been here to point those things out. I try to be honest, when something or someone plays bad i say so but you have selective reading and choose to remeber certain things i type and not others.
    If the team played well all these games instead of so badly it would seem as though i was being overly positive becuase i would be pointing out so many great things the team has done but unfortuneatly things have been the opposite of that and so i’ve pointed out all the errors that have far out wieghed the positives.
    As i’ve said before they’re are many people who agree with me and the way i’ve done thigns, if you don’;t than fine, but if your going to say i have no idea what i’m talking about or say that i hate a player i’m not going to back down adn i’m going to call you out on it just as i have been doing.

  30. Chris Says:

    Hey they took down the roof panel! What gives?

  31. lou Says:

    “I will be very happy with the same line up next week but if Oduro comes in as a sub or a starter please be fair in your analysis don’t look for negatives”

    See there is another flaw in your logic. Negatives are just as important as positives, how can i be fair in my anaylsis and not include what we did wrong? Everyone no matter how good they may be can always imporve, athletes especially, professionial ones know this and appreciate this. If you leave out negatives in you game anaylsis than maybe you should start being fair and start including them. Being ingnorant to bad things that this team does is never going to get us anywhere.

  32. kofix5 Says:

    I have a feeling this team is built to be organic. Many players are able to fulfill their position most of the time but not all of the time. We have a lot of games coming up and not everyone is going to be available, rested and/or healthy at game time. The team is built to have lineup changes. We have maybe 14-18 starters on this team. Yeah not all are our 1st picks for the strongest team but everyone of those guys is going to start often for this team. And thats a good thing. It may take longer to make it work but it makes us formless and very difficult to break down when we are playing well.
    Remember, several key members of our team arrived late and just this friday we had what some might say is our #1 team on the field. It was great to see them play well together but we shouldn’t freak out and say this is the only team to have on field for the rest of the season. We have much much tougher teams to play in the next 2 weeks and San Jose was a tune up. If felt good to destroy them and score some nice goals but lets face it. They are not the competition.
    Houston, Chicago, DC, Seattle, Chivas.
    They are the competition.
    And if Coach Osorio thinks we need to put in different personnel to handle those guys, then he’s going to be in a lot better position to make that decision than we knubby-fingered opinionated blow-hards who only think we know better.
    …..Unless of course, he starts Khano Smith.

  33. kofix5 Says:

    Also, friendly question for anyone:

    Whats better about Woly than Oduro?

    I saw every game Woly played last year. He’s got a hard shot but I didn’t see much in the way of touch. He’s big, tall, slow and lucky. He got hit with the ball at the right time and scored a few key goals. I’m not complaining, some would call him a goal-scorer.

    I’ve seen Oduro’s highlight reel. Wicked fast. If he can keep himself under control at even 80% pace he could be a serious handful.

    A lot of people say they’d rather see Woly than Oduro, but having seen Woly last year and a little bit this year, I have to say WHY? Because I don’t see it.

    Whats better about Woly than Oduro?

  34. DS Says:

    I second a lot of what you say about putting some trust in Osorio and some of the changes he is inevitably going to make.

    I would have to say that Woly is a better option than Oduro. But I would not consider him a goal-scorer at this point in his career. I see his best attribute and what he contributes is hold up play. As we saw in the playoffs last season, he can receive the ball and keep it for long enough that other players can get involved in the attack. Weather it’s Angel running off him, an outside midfielder cutting in or behind the defense, or a defensive midfielder making a late run. He is there for the benefit of the others on our team and to help keep possession in the attacking third. I think he is actually the best player on our team at this task and that is why he came on at the end of the match friday, to keep possession higher up the field.

    Oduro is an attacking threat, but he’s still young and inexperienced. I do think he deserves to be on the team, in the squad, and used for various reasons. But he and Woly are not at all the same type of player, so it isn’t a choice of who is better skilled, but who is better for the situation in which the sub is being made, and for the most part Woly is a better option in more situations.

  35. Daniel Says:

    I thins JCO needs to wake up.. Kevin and Seth the best players?? what was he watching? I dont know what he has against the other defenders but he always seems to think Goldie is the second coming of Maldini.
    The defense was solid. The Reason…Mike Petke. finally a defender that actually opens his mouth to commande the defense. Not like goldie only yelling when he screws up and the other teams score.
    Petke/Mendes should be the only defense combo in the middle. I think JCO is seriously blinded but goldies cleats like alot of fans are too, this is not a central defender we should be playing with
    Pacheco,Mendes, Petke, johnson. NO MORE GOLDIE!!!!!

  36. lou Says:

    woly is the very very poor mans angel, sure he may be slow (angel isn’t that fast either), and he may get lucky, but when given the chance he has saved our asses, and he gets consistently lucky which leads me to believe there is more to it for him than just luck.
    Think of it like this Angel and kandji start up top, when kandji is out the poor man’s version of him in oduro steps in, when angel is out the very poor man’s version of him steps in in woly.
    At all times there should be a forward that can hold the ball up and finish and a forward that can make the runs and stretch the d. Angel and Kandji should always, always, always be our first options and should always be paired up but if one was injured our it was in the dieing minutes of the match our second team of strikers would step in.
    So in other words it isn’t a matter of who’s better for woly and oduro its more like whos better out of oduro or kandji and angel and woly. Woly and oduro shouldn’t be fighting for the same job.

  37. lou Says:

    daniel, i don’t get what goldie has done wrong the last several games, he was caught out of position a few times but made up for it with some amazing plays, he is great in the air, and athletic. I liked the back line last game.

  38. kofix5 Says:

    Thanks for the insight guys.

  39. tilt215 Says:

    Woly is as smart as a striker as you can get in this league. He is not quick but is usually always exactly where he needs to be. He just has a sense of the game and the ball that few do in MLS. His accuracy could be better, but he tends to find enough chances that eventually he burys shots when needed.

    As for the game and some comments I have read: I have heard many people suggest putting rojas on the left and many many many suggestions that richards and oh-no-khano should be benched. The only interesting aspect that I hadnt heard much about was ubi on the right. Over all, the lineup is what everyone has been asking for since the start of the season and the 4-4-2 has been the formation we have wanted since last year.

    Remember, One win does not a season make. Let’s see if JCO pulls his magical lineup changes next week. I would probably put money on seeing a different lineup and formation hit the field agaunst houston unlessall the pressure he has been feeling slapped some sense into him.

  40. Chill Says:

    Hey there guys,
    I’m salvadorean, and I’m glad we finally have a salvadorean back in the MLS. Since I live in ES and only have ESPN and ESPN2, I’m having trouble watching all NYRB games, and it’s hard for me to make extended opinions like yours. Nevertheless, I’ve been watching some of the highlights and the team looks good. Osorio needs to work in the psichology of the team. He needs to make them understand that regardless of the field they’re palying at, or who they’re playing against, the winning mentality should remain unshaken.

    Now, regarding Pacheco, I know for sure that he is proud as hell to be wearing that jersey. His game style will evolve as he adapts to the MLS.
    One thing is for sure: he’ll only get better and better.
    There were rumours that Osorio was interested in Cristian Castillo, our LM in the Nat team. I think he would be a great addition to NYRB.
    Here’s a mix of his best plays

    Cheers and have a great week!

  41. Cindy Says:

    i had heard that while Pacheco was talking to Castillo about RBNY and MLS trying to tell him to come play for us, that Castillo was unmoved and uninterested. i wonder if there is truth to that.

  42. MasterShake Says:

    guys dont you know Woly is Staten Island Ronaldinho…don’t hate on Woly !

  43. Chill Says:

    No Cindy, not unmoved and uninterested. He probably knows that NYRB is interested and he surely is happy about it. The problem might be his present club Alianza FC, who is still fighting relegation and may have asked him to stay until the end of the season. I think things will be clearer once the local tournament is over. I also heard that, Toronto, DCU, some mexican teams, some 2nd division teams in spain and even FC Porto from portugal are interested in Cristian…who knows really.

  44. lou Says:

    I had been talking about this guy for sometime now, so it;s great that you got this guys highlights up chill. He is amazing to watch. He has some serious and very lucrative offers coming out of mexico so in all likelihood he will end up there but maybe just maybe we have a chance at getting him.

  45. Chill Says:

    Yes, Im eager to see that left side strong. Hopefuly he goes to RB before he goes to some other league. He needs to get used to a faster game style to aspire for bigger and better things. Here in El Salvador everything plays in slow motion. I see him play every week and you can tell the difference of his style when he plays with the Nat Team than his club. Actually The Red Bulls make Pacheco play better than he usually did here with FAS. Motivation is key
    Take care

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