Good evening everyone and thanks for checking out RBR as your Red Bulls take on the San Jose Earthquakes tonight. The Red Bulls kick off a four-game homestand tonight and look to earn their second win of the season. If you are not at the game, you can catch the action on MSG starting at 7:30 PM with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing and follow our live blog. Here is the lineup for tonight:


Bench: Conway, Borman, Mendes, Richards, Wolyniec, Hall, Pietravallo

Just a few notes for you before we get started live blogging:

– Red Bulls midfielder Luke Sassano was not on the active roster due to a right ankle sprain. Danny Cepero is making his first regular season start since April 11 against Houston – a game in which he suffered a concussion.

– The Red Bulls made two changes to their lineup from last Saturday, when they lost 1-0 to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Mike Petke and Albert Celades were inserted for Carlos Mendes and Dane Richards, respectively. Petke made his first start in a regular season game since the team’s season opener against Seattle Sounders FC on March 19.

– The Red Bulls return to the Meadowlands for most of the month of May. This season, New York has a 1-1-1 record at Giants Stadium and a plus-1 goal differential (5-4), averaging 1.67 goals scored a game. In each of the past two seasons, the Red Bulls have earned a 9-3-3 record at home. Tonight’s match marks the first of four straight regular season games the team will play.

– Red Bulls midfielder Albert Celades makes his first MLS start tonight. The former Real Madrid and Barcelona player joined the Red Bulls on March 11, 2009 after training with the club during preseason. Celades made his MLS debut on April 11 but missed three matches due to a left hamstring strain. He returned last Saturday against Los Angeles as a substitute.

– With his start tonight, Red Bulls midfielder Seth Stammler has now made 100 appearances in MLS and for the Red Bulls. He is the 11th player in club history to hit the mark. Stammler made his return to the field at Houston on April 11, starting and playing 64 minutes before being substituted for Albert Celades. It was Stammler’s first regular season match back since undergoing right knee surgery on Oct. 31, 2008 to repair a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee. He had played with the torn meniscus since late August. In 2008, Stammler started and played in 26 games, recording one goal and four assists.

As always, feel free to leave your pre and in-game thoughts in the comments section and make sure you follow the running commentary below.

Red Bulls are going to be in their home whites, San Jose in road black/blue.

KICKOFF – Kandji forces Cannon to punch the ball away in the second minute.

3′ Free kick Red Bulls after a foul on Celades. Angel free kick bounces in front of Cannon before being caught.

7′ Garcia fouls Kandji by the right sideline in San Jose’s half. Free kick.

7′ RED BULLS GOAL!: Rojas’ free kick bounces in the box and fools Cannon and goes into the net. It’s his first career goal! Goldthwaite looks like he almost got a touch on the ball but let it go.

11′ Pacheco gets fouled by Leitch. Another free kick for New York. Red Bulls take it quickly.

13′ GOAL RED BULLS! Rojas heads in the ball after a Johnson throw in was flicked on by Kandji. 2-0 Red Bulls!

15′ Cepero makes huge save after Ryan Johnson gets through and Cepero pokes it away.

18′ Kandji gets past Garcia off a Celades long ball but Kandji’s shot is stopped by Cannon. Great speed by Kandji and great pass by Celades.

19′ Johnson dekes Denton and gets taken down in the box but no call.

21′ Red Bulls’ offense is sizzling as they earn a corner kick.

22′ Johnson’s glancing header off an Ubiparipovic corner kick almost goes into the net.

22′ RED BULLS GOAL!! Celades finds Kandji on the right wing to takes a couple of touches and hits a low cross that Angel puts it in. 3-0 Red Bulls!

27′ Weaver gets behind the Red Bulls defense with a Pitchkolan pass and scores, but he is ruled offsides.

31′ Celades is also getting an assist on the third goal. He is definitely making an impact in keeping possession and providing dangerous passes.

35′ Game is settling down a little bit but the Red Bulls up 3-0.

37′ OFF THE CROSSBAR! Johnson’s crosses to Angel, who hits the crossbar before it is cleared. Weaver gets a yellow card earlier for a challenge on Petke.

40′ RED BULLS GOAL!!! Kandji dispossesses Gray in front of the Earthquakes penalty box and knocks it past Cannon for his second goal of the season. 4-0!

45′ EARTHQUAKES GOAL! The Earthquakes got on the scoreboard when a ball was knocked to Ramiro Corrales in the box, who headed it to Ryan Johnson and the forward tapped it in from close range.

HALFTIME: The Red Bulls have enjoyed a dominating performance. Let’s hope they keep it up into the second half!

Red Bulls out-shoot the Quakes, 8-3, and coverted 4 of their 6 shots on goal.

47′ Kandji almost gets through but can’t connect on the ball.

48′ Pacheco puts a good ball into the box that Angel almost gets to but he fouls Denton.

53′ Alvarez picks up a cross from Convey and puts it on goal but Cepero dives to make a save. Off the corner, Stammler heads it away to Rojas and they try to counter, but Rojas is tackled by Denton.

56′ Rojas with a bad give-away to Convey, but Rojas gets back on defense to prevent Convey from getting a shot off.

58′ R. Johnson header off corner caught by Cepero.

59′ Pitchkolan yellow card after tackle on Kandji.

63′ Yellow card on Denton. Richards looks like he’s coming on.

65′ Angel gets free on the left wing and takes a couple of step overs before hitting the ball just past the right post.

72′ Salinas and Amarikwa on for Pitchkolan and Johnson.

73′ Borman on for Rojas.

77′ Nothing much happening as San Jose has done a better job of keeping possession, but the Red Bulls offense has held firm.

78′ Borman almost gets through but takes too heavy of a touch and Cannon collects.

79′ Pacheco heads a San Jose shot away from goal. Great play!

80′ Wolyniec on for Angel.

81′ Wolyniec almost slips Kandji through but Cannon clears it away.

87′ Campos for Weaver. Last sub for San Jose.

90′ Two minutes of stoppage. The four goals in the first half were the most by a New York team in any game in club history. The last time the Red Bulls scored three goals in the first half was on Sept. 27, 2008 – a 5-4 loss to the Colorado Rapids.

92′ Richards knocks in a Pacheco cross but the Jamaican is ruled offsides.

FINAL: Red Bulls 4, Earthquakes 1. A great win for the Red Bulls! We’ll have post-game reaction later.




  1. Ken U Says:

    I actually like this lineup, would rather see Hall in Ubi’s spot but i got more than i can ask for

  2. Cindy Says:

    congrats to Stammler!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Lineup looks good, lets see what Celades can do.

  4. Karbaz Says:

    that was a nice pass by Rojas.

  5. lou Says:

    I really llike this lineup, rojas and ubi are fast enough to be competetive on the wings but probibly won’t be anyone in a sprint, but we are also very skilled with this lineup so i think we have a good balance. COME ON YOU BULLS!

  6. A.T. Says:

    I would have like to see Hall in instead of Johnson

  7. Karbaz Says:

    GOAL RBNY!!!!

  8. Karbaz Says:

    Goldy never touched that, goal for Rojas.

  9. Cindy Says:

    awesome Rojas! that’s what i wanna see!

  10. Cindy Says:

    oh dang Leitch, it’s like that? yeesh

  11. Karbaz Says:


  12. Cindy Says:

    woo hoo!! someone took his vitamins today!! get that hat trick Rojas!

  13. Karbaz Says:

    Great save Capero.

  14. Karbaz Says:

    That goal was a gift, that was some of the most terrible defending I have ever seen, but hey I’ll take it.

  15. Karbaz Says:

    We are slicing this team apart, I have never seen us pass this well in years.

  16. Cindy Says:

    the Red Bull franchise could use some gifts, it’s like someone’s forgotten their birthday and Christmas for the last 14 years!

  17. A.T. Says:

    I must admit this is beautiful, I hope they can keep playing like this and start a winning streak

  18. Cindy Says:

    who is this team that is managing to string some passes together??

  19. Cindy Says:

    Johnson is looking real good this game too… maybe there’s hope for him yet

  20. Karbaz Says:

    This is what we have been waiting for, GO RED BULLS!!!

  21. Cindy Says:

    oof! that was real bad on Gray but please please please RBNY let this game build your confidence and let’s keep winning games!!!

  22. Karbaz Says:

    Good lord that was terrible, Capero what the hell was that?

  23. lou Says:

    This should have been the lineup for the last several games. We sacrifice a little speed by putting ubi and rojas on the wing but we gain so much touch and cohesiveness. Let’s just hope osorio doesn’t tinker tonight and change the lineup next week.

  24. A.T. Says:

    Pitch shoud have gotten a red for purposely kicking Kandji in the face like that

  25. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    4-1 and the Bulls are still pushing. That’s the sign of a great team!

  26. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Angel, Rojas, and Richards — sounds like a great trio to me! Make it 5-1, guys.

  27. Karbaz Says:

    Glenn, get a hold of yourself, last season we had great looking games and then the next week we tank, we were always known as an up and down inconsistent team, I’ll wait till next week and the week after, heck I’ll wait after our 4 home game run to decide if this is a “great team” or if they still are just a tease.

  28. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    I get you, Karbaz. You make some good points. I’m gettng caught up in the moment. Once it hits 90:00, then I’ll come down a bit. I still can’t get over the DC game.

  29. Karbaz Says:

    Great job Rojas, that’s what we have been waiting for you to do.

  30. Karbaz Says:

    Anybody else frightened to death that Johnson might get a red card for some sort of retaliation? because he’s got a target on his head right now. I hope he keeps his cool.

  31. Karbaz Says:

    What a freaken block by Pacheco, that was insane!

  32. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Way to use your head, Pacheco.

  33. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Juan Pablo put in a strong performance. I’m glad to see Wolyniec get the shirt situation straightened out.

  34. Karbaz Says:

    Mac is so deceptively fast, every time I’m like, “man that balls out of reach”, and then he gets to it, what a player.

  35. Cindy Says:

    ahhh poor Dane that would have been so nice! great game either way. KEEP WINNING DAMMIT!

  36. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Solid win! Keep it up in the home stand.

  37. mike from linden Says:

    how come i didnt get any twitter updates on my phone?

  38. kofix5 Says:

    Sinisa looked awesome tonight! he showed great touch and the ball and played tough. Celades was deft. Kandji IS a striker! its between him and Celades for motm for me. Angel looked energized after the first goal, that was nice to see.

  39. lou Says:

    Kofix finally someone agrees that ubi played well. That is his first time in that position so considering that i think he played extremely well, he did everything that was asked of him.
    Kandji was amazing and it’s so great that he is so proud to play for this team, he kisses the crest after every goal.
    Celadas imo is better than schletto, he may not be as much of a scoring threat but the guy can flat out play. Did anyone see the cruff turn he did in the corner were he destroyed two players?
    Angel i would have liked to of seen run more but he played a good game.
    Rojas played badly in the second half he kept giving the ball away, but hey he scored twice so who cares i guess.
    Stammler is an unsung hero in every game, he cleans everything up everytime.
    Goldy shut down weaver on every play.
    Pacheco and Johnson were all star caliber defenders tonight.
    I know it’s still early, but this is the first time i’ve been exited about this team since the playoffs last year. Granted osorio could end up changing the lineup, and we may not play up to this quality every game, but this game showed that we can beat anyone at our best.

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