Today’s session was similar to yesterday, with the addition of more finishing drills and creating chances in restricted space.  The team trained on grass for the first time in several weeks, as an alternate field that was built with turf from last season’s match with Barcelona. 

Also in attendance at today’s session was a group of coaches from the Red Bulls Training Programs, as well as group of police officers from the NYPD Finest Soccer Team.  The NYPD was attending the session in advance of their trip to Colombia to bring soccer equipment and run clinics for school children.



Just to update you all on the webcam situation, we are aware that the camera is currently frozen.  The reason it is currently unavailble is that we are making upgrades to what you can see of the site.  Take our word for it, the wait will be worth it.



  1. kahlva Says:

    Welcome news about both practicing on grass (the players haaaate the turf) and the webcam!

    Looking forward to what the new webcam situation is.

  2. lou Says:

    Great about the grass, any chance that osorio is going to use the NYPD team next game? He probibly has figured out 30 different lineups he can use with them, and has figured out ways to start almost everyone out of their natural position. The man’s a genius after all.

  3. IB Says:

    Negativity does not progress healthy living.

  4. kahlva Says:

    Hey, that was funny by Lou!

    All kidding aside, one of Osorio’s biggest blind spots is his “tactical” moves.

    He keeps on forming line-ups to counter other teams strengths – instead of playing our best line-up to deploy OUR strengths. In effect, he’s being reactive instead of proactive. And that will fail more than succeed.

    If he forced other teams to deal with OUR formation, instead of forming our team to deal with their formation, we’d be in a much better situation.

    • Santos Says:

      kahlva…????….Proactive Reactive….”THE ART of WAR”……

      People couldn’t make this crap up if they tried. It is apparent tht Osorio does this because he knows we are going to get our butts handed to us so he is preparing the match ups so we could be on defense so we don’t look like idiots and so the other teams do not get accused of running up the score….lol

  5. lou Says:

    i love IB, he continues to say i have no idea what i’m talking about yet no one thinks the way he does. I’m being honest when i say things, do you think i want the team to suck and have a horrible coach? Whether i want it that way or not, the truth is that we do and there is no way around that. Negative thinking my arse, try living in reality.

  6. IB Says:

    I bet bitching every day helps.

  7. Santos Says:

    I wonder if they spent any time looking at a soccer ball?? The team seems to be scared of it. Everytime they get it they give it to the opposing team…:-) These guys apart from a few moderate players are embarassing.

    It is no wonder Becks has his lawyers trying to figure out how to get out of his MLS contract.

    Fire the coach and the starting team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. kofix5 Says:

    inspiring comments from rb’s greatest fans

  9. lou Says:

    No IB bitching doesn’t help, your completely rite. Being oblivious to the world around you is much better than bitching about things that are worth bitching about. I hope one day that the rest of the fans that are like me aka don’t know what they are talking about as you so lovingly put it, can be as wise and calm as you.

  10. lou Says:

    IB, whatever you and osorio are smoking must be some good shit. If we shouldn’t be bitching about the current situation of the team now, than when would be an appropriate time to bitch?

  11. agnigrin Says:

    Sorry Lou IB is right…

  12. lou Says:

    Maybe to you angngrin but if he was rite there wouldn’t be so many other people that think different than him. I don;t understand how he can be rite. If the fans don’t push for things to get better than who will? Sitting back while this team self distructs is an abusrd thing to even think about doing. I don’t care who says IB is rite, i would never do that.

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