We know its Wednesday, but here is what went down in training on Tuesday.  The full team trained, including Celades for the full session.  The team mostly worked on small sided possession games, with a defensive unit competing against an offensive unit.  RBR will be at training again today and will try and post a most timely report.




  1. Shane Says:

    Maybe they should practice shooting the ball.

  2. kpugs Says:

    And right at the end of practice they gave up 2 goals in the final minutes and lost right? Oh I know I am super witty, yay me.

  3. the penalty spot Says:

    lets look on the bright side…at least no one got a red card

  4. kahlva Says:

    Osorio also changed the formation and line-ups every 5 minutes.

    “Everyone should know how to play every position and have perfect chemistry with every player no matter what the make-up of the team – that’s how you win Championships,” Osorio said.

    He then left Angel alone up top and substituted 4 mops into the line-up to “counter the wet weather” and was completely baffled as to why they lost.

    …This is fun 🙂

  5. Somebody Says:

    At this point in the season, looking at the frozen stadium webcam image is more enjoyable than the games.

  6. kahlva Says:

    I like the frozen webcam. It’s always sunny in…um…Jersey.

  7. britton Says:

    osorio tried the ever dangerous 5-5-0 with Angel as goalie.

  8. tilt215 Says:

    I think we should send JCO to practice to learn how to properly use players and maintain a formation.

  9. kofix5 Says:

    sending in 4 mops — that was brilliant! Kahlva you had me crying! lmao 🙂

  10. lou Says:

    At least they can’t lose in practice or dissapoint the fan base anymore they than have.

  11. lou Says:

    that’s a good thing, rite?

  12. lou Says:

    kahlva that was brilliant btw, and somebody isn’t lieing, a half completed metal skeleton of a stadium is prettier than our games.

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