A difficult defeat for the Red Bulls after a call that was not necessarily clear cut gave the Los Angeles Galaxy the goal they needed tonight. The good news is that the Red Bulls return home for four-straight games after playing their last four games in 10 days. Here is the reaction from midfielder Seth Stammler and forward Juan Pablo Angel:

Also, the post-game quote sheet with head coach Juan Carlos Osorio:

On the result:
I think it was a tough result to digest. I think for as much as we kept possession and to have the chances that we had, I believe we deserved at least a point. So, I’m extremely disappointed that on a penalty we lost three points.

On New York’s midfield:
First of all, Seth is a player that we need to be very careful the way we keep him in shape because of his injury. So, we rotated a little bit for the last game, the Open Cup. The team played very well. We thought we needed to change it again, and amongst other things we were pleased with the performance of Albert Celades, who for just the second time he showed everybody that he is capable of playing really well. Hopefully, that will be the case for the games to come. In general, I would say that in the midfield we controlled the game, and it was a good performance.

What are all of your thoughts on the match?




  1. tilt215 Says:

    God, I am really starting to hate Redbull Reader. Osorio is just delusional.

  2. kpugs Says:

    JCO…look what happened against DC when you played Kandji and Angel up front, TWO strikers. The team played their best game of the season! (of course not counting the pathetic final 2 goals)

    Honestly, this is bad coaching as much as bad playing. Hmm…you play Angel up top alone, teams double and triple team him, and we don’t score. You give him a quick, strong, companion with good touch and decent speed and Angel finds openings.

    It’s honestly not that hard to add 2 to 2 and come up with 4. JCO, you need Kandji up front. Any idiot can see that having good wingers who play defense means NOTHING when they can’t contribute to the offense. Kandji is a fricking striker. PLAY HIM AS ONE, THIS GUY SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING END TO END TRYING TO PLAY DEFENSE.

    Unbelievable how bad this team is performing so far.

  3. kpugs Says:

    Tilt, don’t blame the reader. I took offense to being lectured for my negative comments early on. Since then, it seems as long as we don’t start harassing people in our comments the negativity is accepted if not enjoyed.

    Although as a season ticket holder since the team’s existence in ’96 it kind of surprised me to even get a mention with regards to disappointment, considering said disappointment is all we’ve had to feed on since 1996.

  4. kpugs Says:

    Ha, I just realized with the amount of money I’ve spent on this team, although I’ve tried to calculate it before, I could have paid some salaries instead. Makes me feel for the players, but not for the organization. I have basically spent enough on this team to get them a Hummer.

  5. Dave B Says:

    Not that I will bother to fully elaborate on my position (because I and numerous others have done so on MetroFanatic) but it is clear that the team must FIRE OSORIO in order to be remotely ready to not put a crap sandwich on the field when RBA opens in 2010. You cannot just hire a new coach in the off season and hope we dominate and the new stadium chronically sells out. Hire someone competent now, so they can rebuild over this season and the winter, and we may have a fighting chance of not embarassing ourselves and being the leagues worst team in its best stadium.

  6. Dave B Says:

    PS I am a full season ticket holder for the second year running,as though it matters to the FO.

  7. jess Says:

    like other have said, angel needs to be supported by a second striker, angel should not be left up top on his own, where defence’s can have 2 and sometimes 3 defenders all marking angel.

    we don’t even create more than 5 chances to score on the road, let alone some-one actually scoring!
    i keep saying it, but i don’t think NYRB will win a single game on the raod this season, not unless NYRB play 2 strikers and open the game up more.
    it seems all NYRB do is try to defend the whole game and try and nick a 1-0 win. but as soon as NYRB go a goal down, there is no change of play to try and score 2 goals to win the match.

    i am glad for the 4 home games in a row, we should get at least 6 points for those games IMO.

  8. lou Says:

    Dave B I know exactly what you mean because i’ve said somethings on metrofanatic that were applauded and than said the very same things here and i’ve been called out. These boards are a completely different mindset i’ve come to find.

    Everyone keeps pointing out the same problems
    -osorio plays everyone out of position
    -kandji isn’t a winger
    -the usual bit played well
    -this team is horrendous

    If we can see all these things why can’t osorio? I’m all for continuaty and everythign, and i don’t take pleassure in saying this becuase i would like to have a coach for more than 2 years but, we need a new coach fast. Jurgen Klinnsmen anyone? He’s worht a shot. Is it just me or does anyone else think ubi could play very well if wasn’t paired at d mid everytime he plays, he is an attacking mid. Lastly ger cristian castillo, someone in Red Bulls Land please read this comment and get this guy. Youtube him if you have to. He demolished our nationial team defense and he plays the wing perfectly. He wants out of el salvadore and we have his nationial team teammate rite here.

  9. cb Says:

    Another loss and more clueless excuses. In reference to the inexcusable DCU defeat, Osorio said: “I take full responsibility for what happened.” If so, then stop making players play out of position, which was the root cause of the team’s collapse in that game and in this one. What a fake sound byte.

    Then Osorio said: “Hopefully everybody is responsible enough to draw the necessary conclusions.” That’s what everyone is wondering, coach. Are you responsible enough to draw the necessary conclusions? We doubt you can overcome your denial and stubbornness to address your mistakes.

    If you need them spelt out again, your usual mistakes are: making players play out of their natural positions (Kandji’s not a winger, Pacheco’s not a CB, Richards is not a striker … the list goes on), starting inferior players (Smith at all, Rojas, Pietravallo as sole DM … you know, the failures you picked), playing JPA as a lone striker (check your notes, chief, we always loose every time when so easily marked), and changing formations and line-ups unnecessarily (let’s face it, you’re no tactical genius).

    Look up from the scribbles in your notebook, Osorio. Winning MLS teams and their coaches don’t make these mistakes. Consistency with minor adjustments wins the day.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  10. DS Says:

    Lou, I’m sorry but no one is going to take your tip for Casstillo, he might be good and might be what we need, but I don’t know how much Osorio and Agoos read this blog, let alone he comments, and they choose the targets. I don’t think Stover is in those meetings, I assume they make a list and figure out how much they will cost, then Stover gets involved. This could be a question for Stover next time around, what is the process of choosing/acquiring targets?

    I will admit that I am starting to get frustrated with the results. The performances have not been too bad, but we are not creating enough offensive chances. Our defense has been shored up since the first weeks (besides the last couple minutes last Sunday) But we don’t get the ball forward enough, just like last year. There is nothing linking our defense to the forwards, the ball gets to the mid (sometimes) and then somewhere between Rojas. Ubi, Richards, and the left winger we lose it, and Angel doesn’t get a touch. He was coming back way to far to get the ball.

    Before this stretch of matches I tried to tell people to wait until it was over to really judge this team. And I don’t think it’s looking good. I have a lot of faith in most of these players and even faith in Osorio, but that’s waning.

    We have four matches at home coming up, Jess said we should get 6 points, and I don’t think that would be good enough, I think we need at least 8, but more like 10 points plus an Open Cup win in DC on the 20th. I don’t care if it’s Houston and Chicago, but we should not lose any of these home matches. 10 points and I will be happy. 8 points and Osorio should stay. 6 is not good enough. Lou, I will join you in wanting Osorio out if we get only 6 points and get knocked out of the cup.

  11. Cindy Says:

    i wonder if Osorio’s head is actually on the chopping block… it’s one thing to hear that fans are calling for his head, but i wonder if he’s actually feeling pressure from the front office. i hope so. if the players are competing for their jobs and play better because of it the same kind of pressure should be on Osorio to compete for his position too.

  12. kahlva Says:

    I already wrote my scathing game comments on the in-game thread… But I will ask this:

    Can we get a better microphone for those interviews? I can barely hear them, most of the time. Either that or you need to jack up the sound quality/volume in post.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Karbaz Says:

    Next 4 games at home, we need, I repeat NEED all 12 points, if we don’t get them, get rid of Osorio.

  14. lou Says:

    DS I know that no one working for red bull reads these blogs because if they did we woulnd’t be making these stupid mistakes. The castillo thing is just to point out that they’re are players that can improve this team, and “Lou, I will join you in wanting Osorio out if we get only 6 points and get knocked out of the cup.” Sounds good you may be coming over to the dark side after all.

  15. kofix5 Says:

    they’re = they are = as in, they’re going to get Castillo in another life

    their = as in possessive = as in, their chances of winning games after acquiring Castillo are very very high because he can complete passes to forwards

    there = as in there is as much chance of RB getting Castillo as there is that anyone will give a crap about the proper usage of their, they’re, and there or (to, too, and two)

  16. Alex Says:

    Let Kandji be himself and play the game the way he knows how.Kandji is a striker damn it. Do not mess up the career of this young man.
    Worry more about Angel. He is not the player he used to be. That’s a fact.

  17. Cindy Says:

    huzzah at kofix’s grammar lesson, it’s sorely needed haha

    maybe Angel would play better if he just had Kandji alongside him for every game.

  18. kofix5 Says:

    Let’s all sing!

    clap you hands ( clap clap )
    clap you hands ( clap clap )


    clap you hands ( clap clap )!

  19. emilio Says:

    The truth is we are 1-5-2 thats disgraceful, and coaches are judged by results. The only time a team plays well is when they win and score goals, we have been shut out in 5 of 8 games thats not acceptable, Osorio’s positive comments do not mean a thing, its put up or get out time, we need 12 or 10 point in our next 4 contests at home or a change needs to be made, this is a team in a major market who is not drawing in fans and who are getting horrendous results, we need to perform thats all that matters. Osorio says he needs to get all the players playing time, what he needs to get is results, on paper the team is talented, but Osorio is not pulling the strings correctly, he is living off his ”reputation” and his silly positive comments. If we lose or tie next week a CHANGE HAS TO BE MADE. Ive been a constant supporter for 13 years and this is not acceptable, Osorio needs to realize his job is on the line if he doesnt change things now. I hope he does. Angel also needs to step it up, he is making the big bucks and 2 goals in 8 games is unacceptable.

  20. Alex Says:



  21. Mentz Says:

    Great song kofix.

  22. Tim F. Says:

    I agree with the opinions expressed above that the Angel – Kandji pairing should be upfront with Oduro and Wolyniec relieving them when necessary.

    That said, in most cases, I feel the head coach deserves a minimum of three years to mold and guide the team; it’s hard to expect the coach to achieve this in less time. Patience fellow fans and let’s support the team and Coach Osorio.

  23. emilio Says:

    We are 1-5-2 if we dont get positive results in our next 4 the year is pretty much over, so thats the time he has.

  24. lou Says:

    Tim perhaps in MOST cases a coach should stick around for a minimum of three years, but he has a losing record so far overall for the red bulls and a horrible record rite now. I would agree that we should support the players but if a coach is failing to put our strongest squad out on the field, even though we can all see the flaws than why should he stick around.

  25. Glyn James Davies Says:

    Why are we not using John Wolyniec ? We need his presence on the field and not on the bench. He played at San Jose and look at the postive result.

  26. Tim F. Says:

    Only eight games ago, after his first and only season, Coach Osorio was hailed the most successful coach in the franchise’s history. Despite this season’s very poor start, he still remains the best ever. Part of the problem for this franchise has been coaching and player turnover; let’s not add to it so fast. This doesn’t mean that I agree with all of Osorio’s moves (e.g., I don’t agree with not getting more for VDB; not going after a stronger attacking midfielder and central defender for the past 16 months; signing Pietravallo for a guarantee of more than 2008; not doing more with high picks — the central defenders, etc.). But Osorio should be given more time even if I don’t agree with every starting lineup.

    This is only part way through Osorio’s second season; in my book, he has 52 more games to get this team to be a consistently high performing side.

    See you Friday!

  27. lou Says:

    I agree with you TIM, we shouldn’t fire osorio now, but if he we fail to pick up at least a point a don’t see how the FO won’t be putting his head on the chopping block. It’s true that he took us farther than any other coach in franchise history but that isn’t really saying much, i mean we haven’t really won that much. And any way you want to look at it he still doesn’t have a very good record at the helm for this club. We’ll see how friday goes i guess. I appreciate that he may have had something to do with that memorable playoff run, but let’s be honest it probibly had more to do with luck and the players’ hearts than JCO.

  28. Santos Says:

    Who on the team is a play maker??? You could put PELE up front but if you can’t create a play you will not win.

    If we have to rely on Angel to be the play maker you have the same problem a lack of talent up front. Furthermore, without a play maker you can not spread the field.

    Every competitor knows, that no matter what, the ball will always go directly into the middle because the rest of the team sucks. Also they know that this will be 85% long balls which is statistically the worst pass completion in all of soccer. If you look at quality teams and the players for that matter. They beg for the ball they want to be involved in the play and get angry when they are not getting the ball enough. If you look at our team the players are scared of the ball they do not call for it because they don’t want it and certainly do not know what to do with it. Quality teams do not spend their practice time learning how to pass the ball and doing rec soccer drills…this is embarrassing!!!

    At the end of the day Osorio is to blame…He should be fired…and the team should be benched play the reserves since they could probably use the practice.

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