Good evening and thanks for joining us tonight as your Red Bulls take on the Los Angeles Galaxy looking for their first regulars season road win. This is the fourth of four games in 10 days for New York, as it travels back to the East Coast tomorrow to start a four-game homestand.

Here’s the Red Bulls’ lineup:






Substitutes: Danny Cepero, Luke Sassano, Albert Celades, Danleigh Borman, Mike Petke, John Wolyniec, Khano Smith

Galaxy lineup:





Substitutes: Josh Saunders, Tony Sanneh, Jovan Kirovski, Stefani Miglioranzi, Alan Gordon, Bryan Jordon, Mike Magee

Just a few notes to get you all started:
– The Red Bulls have enjoyed regular season success against the Galaxy in recent times, going unbeaten in 13 out of 14 against their Western Conference rival with an 8-1-5 record. In this fixture last year, Danleigh Borman and Juan Pablo Angel goals gave the Red Bulls a 2-1 win on May 10.
– After making his first appearance in a 1-1 tie at Colorado last weekend, former Red Bull Edson Buddle makes his first start against his former side tonight. Buddle is one of three former Red Bulls in the Galaxy’s Starting XI – the others being Todd Dunivant and Dema Kovalenko. Mike Magee, acquired by the Galaxy from the Red Bulls in the most recent offseason, is on the bench.
– Midfielder Albert Celades is in the 18 for New York and could see up to 30 minutes of playing time tonight after going through a full week of practice.
– The list of inactive players includes: Terry Boss, Dominic Oduro, Juan Pietravallo, Jeremy Hall, Nick Zimmerman, Matthew Mbuta and Andrew Boyens.

We will be live blogging the game from our Twitter site: If you are able to, make sure you tune into the match on MSG with Steve Cangialosi and Shep Messing, with kickoff set for 10:30 PM ET. And as always, we’ll have post-game reaction exculsively on Red Bulls Reader.  Enjoy the match!



  1. Matt Says:

    Where is Hall? Not injured I hope.

  2. Kahlva Says:

    Thank the lord pieteavallo is inactive.

    But why is Hall??

  3. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Hall is not injured – coach’s decision.

  4. mgp Says:

    Agreed with Matt – Hall is inactive? Hope he is ok… also hope Johnson can stay on his feet.

  5. Rooney20 Says:

    It makes no sense you would think he would want to put him in late in the game to get a fresh body in the back line.

  6. Alle Says:

    If Johnson get one more red card, Hall deserves to get in – that’s just my opinion ofcourse.


  7. Alle Says:

    That is a garbage penalty call, Stammler’s hand was unintended…

  8. Cindy Says:

    i think Johnson has been doing pretty well which i’m glad to see.

  9. lou Says:

    so far at the half i can already see that ubi is being cuaght out of position because he is pushing up to much, he is a natural attacking mid but osorio is trying to pair him at d mid with stammler, kandji is playing left mid and if you remeber against seattle he played on the wing and was largly unaffactive. Like Ubi he is being forced to come back to much although he wants to be up farther. Everyone else seems to be holding their own. Those are the two tactical errors i’ve spotted commited by osorio so far.

  10. Alle Says:

    Kandji belongs up front, this 4-2-1-3 that he’s trying to play which seems like a 4-2-3-1 is not the way to go. We need to be simple when it comes to tactics..

  11. Claude Says:

    After years of narrating for MSG, Steve Cangelosi is still unable to see offsides… he’s also incapable of understanding the assistant refs and their flags. Yikes. Shep Messing must lose his mind with this guy.

  12. Cindy Says:

    we suck.

  13. marcus Says:

    this team is pure garbage.

  14. lou Says:

    yea we do cindy, yea we do. But certain people still don’t want to except that. Why the hell do you put kandji on the wing, why do you have ubi playing d mid, why do you take pacheco out who had a good game, so many questions and so few answers.

  15. kpugs Says:

    This team is pathetic, nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Matt Says:

    Pathetic. I will not be renewing my season ticket next year if things don’t improve soon. Crap in a beautiful stadium is still crap.

  17. lou Says:

    you can build a new stadium around a turd but you still have to watch that turd week in and week out. This team needs an overhaul of some sort i’m tired of a few people denying that fact. Osorio plays players out of position on purpose even though he knows they play better else were, we need to bring in some electric players in the off season *cough cristian castillo cough*.

  18. Cindy Says:

    at the same time lou, osorio made the change borman for pacheco with plenty of time on the clock in order to push kandji forward more and kandji was completely invisible even then. angel did much more work than kandji did. plus kandji’s crossing is terrible, he really needs to work on that.

    i hope we can beat San Jose at home at least. yeesh.

  19. lou Says:

    he doesn’t really need to work on his crossing becuase he isn’t a midfielder, he should have never been put into the position were he had to make crosses, he is 6 foot 4 he should be on the recieving end of those crosses. Pacheco is very attack minded for a defender so i don’t see how borman made it more attack oriented, and there really was no difference in game play after that substitution.

  20. Matt Says:

    I agree with Lou. Kandji is not a winger. He’s a forward. Why JCO can’t see that is beyond me. Pacheco was fine. Bringing Borman in for him did nothing.

    Osorio talks a good game but when it comes down to it he doesn’t have a clue.

  21. IB Says:

    people should stop making excuses for players inability to perform,if you are a striker you will have to play the wings at some point, nobody complained about last game when Kandji was playing the same position.
    My problem with Angel is not about putting the ball in the net in every game,i want to see some fighting spirite from him that will transcent to his fellow players there is no sense of urgency in him, he is a very good player but i am not sure what is going on with him this season.He is the captain he needs to show some leadership

  22. OgreDave Says:

    Well, Another tinkering story by good ol pace the sideline manager of ours Osorio.

    Well done Osorio, you can suck the talent out of any team, I don’t know how he does it, the last game that Celedes played in he dictated the pace of the midfield and played well, Kandji when he first started did very well at keeping possession in the box and assisting Angel, you can say this about multiple players.

    Now it seems that everyone’s talents diminish as time goes on. DOES ANYONE SEE A PROBLEM HERE, OSORIO AND THE COACHING STAFF NEED TO GO, THEY ARE NOT DOING THIER JOBS.

    I think that Osorio and the FO won’t be satisfied until they have a situation where the new stadium they are building is empty by next season.

  23. Chic Charnley Says:

    Ugly. Turgid. Putrid. Vile. Pathetic. Sad.

  24. Cindy Says:

    i do think that even though Kandji isn’t a winger he should still be able to play well enough to be employed in the wing position…

    i also agree that Kandji should have been playing alongside Angel because it’s LA, the two of them could have broken through their defense. and again it’s LA, aside from Donovan it’s not like there’s much other offensive threat from them, we could have had three in the back. IT WAS LA!


  25. lou Says:

    Ib if you’re a striker. how do you get the idea that you will have to play wing at some point. It’s just that kind of thinking that has got us screwed. Look mr.osorio kandji is a striker not a winger, a winger is close to a striker however they are different positions hence the different names. Ubi is an attacking mid not a defensive mid they are close but not the same thing hennce the name. Borman is a natural wing mid fielder not a left back, he may have played well there and left back may be close to a right mid but they are different hence the different name. I can go on showing these examples all day. Maybe if i explain it to osorio like that he will understand what he does wrong.

    “nobody complained about last game when Kandji was playing the same position.”
    IB when did Kandji come in and play wing last week? He came in for oduro who was paired up top for angel. He played striker.

  26. Kahlva Says:

    Osorio should be on very very thin ice. The ax shouldn’t fall yet, but he should at least hear the blade sharpening.

    – he needs to stop playing people out of position. Like everyone, except him, knows: kandji is NOT a winger.
    – playing people who JUST played 90 minutes was beyod stupid – and you saw the results from Ubi and Johnson
    – speaking of which WHY wasn’t Hall even on the bench??? Our most consistently good player all year…and not only does Johnson play ahead of him, but he doesn’t even make the bench?? Stupid.

    Agoos should ALSO be on very thin ice. I’ve seen almost no evidence that he’s improved the team. And it also seems like the moves he does make take twice as long as other teams.

    Couple of more games to right this ship. But that’s it.

  27. IB Says:

    Lou, i have always said that you are clueless and you alwasys prove me right,the cup game that we played, Oduro played right wing and Kandji played the left wing they both started we won our first away game.Oduro played 86 minutes and helped the team win 2-1.
    I do not support the idea of the coach but don’t waite for us to loose before you start to make a point.I could have also made my point as to why the coach did not use the team that won our first away game.If you are a true FAN of NYRB,please don’t be blinded by the effort of certain players, give credit when credit is due.Below was the starting line up of our only away win







  28. lou Says:

    The cup game wasn’t a real example of a game buddy, neither team played their starting lineups, if you think winning that game is any indication of what our lineup should be than you should think again. My ideas are so crazy huh, well than why is that most people say the same things i do, and why is it that that group of people that seem to attack me week in and week out are beginning to side with me more and more? It seems like your the only person that doesn’t no what your talking about.

  29. lou Says:

    Again i’ll use your qoute
    “nobody complained about last game when Kandji was playing the same position.”
    Kandji never played winger in a real league game well. He isn’t a winger wether you and osorio want him to be or not. Why fix something that isn’t broken? He played very well everytime he was up top yet osorio wants him moved. That game was not a good example of anything, we were playing arguably the worst team in the league and we weren’t even playing their starters, we were playing their reserves, that is so far off of what the real deal is like.
    IB, i have always said that you are clueless and you always prove me rite.

  30. Alex Says:

    Osorio is clueless.He already use nine different lineup so far.You do that during pre-season.

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