alfredo pacheco

After weeks of speculation, uncertainty, and back-and-forth, the club officially announced today that it has signed defender Alfredo Pacheco. Per MLS and club regulations, terms of the deal were not disclosed.  To make room for Pacheco on its 24-man roster, the club waived goalkeeper Alec Dufty and moved midfielder Danleigh Borman from the senior roster to the developmental roster.

“One of our main priorities in the off season was to find a left-sided defender capable of joining the attack and we believe that Alfredo fits the bill,” said Sporting Director Jeff Agoos. “Alfredo has gained a significant amount of experience both on the club and international level and we look forward to his contribution in 2009.”

Prior to joining New York, Pacheco, 26, played for El Salvadorian First Division club, C.D. FAS, since 2000. After playing on the reserve team in his first season, the left back made 217 first team appearances for his club, scoring 32 goals. Pacheco was the team’s captain since 2005.

The Santa Ana, El Salvador native competed on several youth international levels and has been a fixture on the senior national team. Pacheco was involved in El Salvador’s 2006 World Cup Qualifying campaign and is currently participating in his country’s current run to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

After training with New York as an unsigned draftee from the University of Evansville in the team’s 2009 preseason, Dufty was signed on March 17, 2009. Dufty made his MLS debut on April 11, coming on in the eighth minute for Danny Cepero in a 0-0 tie against the Houston Dynamo.




  1. Cindy Says:

    huzzah! glad to see it, though i am sad to see dufty go. that’s just how the business goes isn’t it though?

  2. kofix5 Says:

    haha Cindy you said ‘huzzah!’ thats hilarious.
    Dufty- Good luck and thanks for the coffee

    Pacheco sounds freakin great. cant wait to see him on the field Huzzah!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Red Bulls attendance just went up next home game, glad to see another Salvi in the MLS.

  4. Claude Says:

    Wow, Dufty got let go? Some thanks for a job well done NYRB…

    Why not get rid of the expensive under-performers on the team like Pietrovallo or Rojas? Those two are never going to produce. Come on Osorio, pongase las pilas hermano!

    Let’s not get too excited about Pacheco, he’s never played outside of his country and the pace of MLS is completely different.

  5. man Says:

    Yeah Claude we should have released another field player and kept 4 goalies…

  6. lou Says:

    besides pietrovallo is on a guaranteed contract, and osorio loves to cut american players, roth should have never been cut this summer, he was quick and talented and could have replaced smith.

  7. Karbaz Says:

    Claude, have you ever been to El Salvador? Do you know what it’s like playing in that heat? I’m pretty damn sure he’s gonna be able to easily fit into this league, the problem with Salvi’s is that when they come here they think they finally made it to the big time, they lose focus and are known to be drinkers. Quintanilla had the skills to make it into the league but he was a partier and lost focus. Pacheco, if he doesn’t follow the likes of Quintanilla, will make it in this league.

  8. Claude Says:

    I know all about South American heat, I was born in Colombia’s northern coast and as a teenager I played on the dry sandy fields. But being able to put up with the heat and play at the pace of MLS are totally different things. I agree with you, though, a lot of our players get lazy once “they’ve arrived” in the U.S.

    @lou, So what if Pietrovallo is on a contract? Contracts can be nullified, pay him off and send him packing. The guy is a terrible midfielder, he can’t even connect clean passes out of the midfield half the time. Stammler gets paid a fraction of Pietro’s salary and is a much better player. Give #6 a raise.

  9. Rod Says:

    Glad to see him here! Way to go Pacheco. Who said he’s never play outside his country? He is the captian of El salvador national team. check his outstanding record.
    I do agree, players should get paid by their current performance not by their history.

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