Mac Kandji

Red Bulls Reader has learned that Macoumba Kandji has received his asylum status, and that his paperwork has been approved by the League Office.  The attacking player is now considered a domestic player and will no longer occupy an international slot on the Red Bulls’ roster.  Kandji’s new status also means that he can travel outside of the United States, something he was unable to do while playing with his former team, the USL’s Atlanta Silverbacks, or during his time with the Red Bulls.  His prior status did not allow him to travel to Argentina with the team in the preseason, but the Senegal native is now eligible for selection when the team plays at Toronto FC in June and August, as well an any CONCACAF Champions League matches that take the club outside the US.




  1. Cindy Says:

    that’s awesome for him in general and great for the team that he’s not an international anymore!

  2. Mentz Says:

    I’m very excited…

  3. lou Says:

    does this mean he can get a shot at the national team

  4. Eugene Says:

    Great news, congrats Mac!

  5. Alex Says:

    Mac Kandji never play for any national team.

  6. Dave Martinez Says:

    Alex – I interviewed him a while back, and he was actually VERY open to playing for the US.


  7. lou Says:

    yea he never played for a national team so what i’m saying is, is he now eligible to play for the US

  8. Tim F. Says:

    Best Red Bull player so far this season … by far

  9. lou Says:

    Tim unfortunately that isn’t saying much, if my grandma was on this roster she would be the best player this season… by far, well maybe not my grandma more like my grandma on roids but still pretty sad.

  10. Alle Says:

    No – because he’s fully Senegalese unless he has a relative who is American, by blood. I’m sure he’d rather play for Senegal anyway which is good because we need his talent – although I’m wondering when they’ll call him up. The fact that we won’t be in next year’s world cup sucks.

    Congrats Kandji, you deserve it

  11. Alle Says:

    He could always get an American passport and play for the U.S. if he’s lived here for a certain amount of years – loads of Brazilians do it and play for teams like Qatar, which is retarded since they don’t even speak they language fluently most of them.

  12. Dannyc58 Says:


    Actually I belive he is not fully Senegalese. Pretty sure his father is from Gambia. He could also play for them…

  13. Alle Says:

    Ahhh that I didn’t know about, I knew he was raised there though. That’d be crazy if he played for them – they’re our rivals!

  14. Alex Says:

    Where are you getting your info?
    His father is from Senegal and live in Nashville,Tennesee
    His mother is senegambian

  15. Alle Says:

    He could live in Tennessee but that doesn’t mean that Kandji could play for the US, he needs the passport. As for his mother, I never knew she had Gambian blood hence why I first thought that he was fully Senegalese.

  16. Alex Says:

    American, Senegalese, Gambian Mac will do what better for him.
    His parents hold an american citizenship and 2 sisters and brother born in Nashville.

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