The New York Red Bulls issued a statement today in response to a report from an El Salvador newspaper regarding the status of Alfredo Pacheco.

“The Red Bulls organization has followed all of the transfer rules for securing the rights to Mr. Pacheco from his former team CD FAS,” said Red Bull New York Sporting Director Jeff Agoos. “We have a fully executed loan agreement dated March 1, 2009, signed by CD FAS president Jose Reynaldo Valle and stamped with the CD FAS official seal securing the rights to Mr. Pacheco to play for the Red Bulls. The contract states that CD FAS will receive the transfer payment from MLS within 15 days of receipt of the ITC (international transfer certificate). However, as of today, we have still not received the ITC.”

The amount of the transfer payment is not at issue and the team is ready to fulfill the deal. However the ITC hasn’t been received which would trigger the payment to the club.




  1. lou Says:

    this is ridiculous man just get us our damn pacheco, god only knows how much we could use him, how come garber couldn’t intervene and help us out earlier like he does for his precious shitty galaxy.

  2. kofix5 Says:

    Get it done FO. Make copies and Hand deliver the docs and the check. None of this 15 day stuff. You can get it done in 3 days and he’ll be on the field next week.

  3. DS Says:

    It’s not the FO or Garber. it’s an international transfer certificate. it has to do with the confederations and the countries and such. I would think that the Red Bulls would be doing everything they can to get the ITC, I highly doubt it’s their fault.

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