River Plate and Red Bull LogoThe Red Bulls take on Argentinean First Division side River Plate this morning at Mapuche Country Club in Pilar, Argentina in the second friendly of New York’s preseason trip to South America.  Coming off a 2-1 win over Velez Sarsfield on Tuesday, the Red Bulls look to continue to build their confidence against River Plate.

RBR will be providing a running commentary of the match, so feel free to follow along and post your thoughts in the comments section.  You can also get some game updates from TyC on DirecTV Channel 427.  Enjoy the match.

Kudos to our friends at Red Bull Argentina for assisting us with a broadband card, so that we can blog the game live for you!

The match start time has been pushed back to 10:15 am (7:15 a.m ET) as River Plate arrived at 9:45 a.m.

Here is the Red Bulls first half lineup:

Cepero, Aklie Edwards, Kevin Goldthwaite, Carlos Mendes, Jeremy Hall, Khano Smith, Alberto Celedes, Jorge Rojas, Luke Sassano, Dane Richards and John Wolyniec.

Juan Pablo Angel is here at the match, but is been held out for precautionary reasons after suffering a bruise quad in the Velez-Sarsfield match on Tuesday. The injury is not serious.

River Plate lineup …

Mario Vega (G), Mateo Musacchio (LB), German Pezzella (CB), Facundo Quiroga (RB), Rodrigo Archubi (M), Marcelo Gallardo (M), Nicolas Domingo,(M), Martin Galmarini (8), Gustavo Fernandez (F), Ruben Sambueza (F), Andres Rios (F)

We’re underway. Just getting names and numbers and will get to you as we can…

3rd minute – Khano Smith runs down the right side and sends a ball in to the middle and Dane Richards is there to fire it home! Red Bulls lead 1-0, just three minutes in!

15th  –  Gallardo on a direct kick from 30 yards out on the right side sails through the box over everyone.

19th -a River cross into box, slides past Red Bulls defense, Galmarini settles and drives a shot from 8 yds out wide right.

23rd – River corner from left side, tapped into play and sent to top of penalty area. for Archubi, who sails a left footed shot past the right post.

29th – Quiroga sends Fernandez along right side, Goldthwaite tries to shield abll away, but falls. Fernandez ten tacked off ball by Mendes

32nd – Rojas on Red Bulls corner kick and Wolyniec gets a shot off, but its blocked and River quickly moves ball up field

33rd –  Gallardo gets ball on the rush and sends it wide left, into corner, and Sambueza runs it down and sends across the middle. Aklie Edwards, being shadowed by a River player, slides to clear, but sends it into the Red Bulls net for an own goal.  Red Bulls 1, River Plate 1

38th – Rojas gets the ball at midfield and chips over River defender to Khano Smith, who rushes down the left side, then sends it past River defender Quiroga. Smith gets inside the area and sends ball past goalkeeper, but just wide.

40th – River’s Gallardo gathers ball in the midfield and feathers a pass through the Red Bulls defense to Fernadez, but just offsides.

43rd – Aklie Edwards has ball in River left corner, his shot is blocked and Khano Smith recovers and sends high cross over the box and River recovers.

44th – Red Bulls move ball into right corner and a cross from the far side  is in for Goldthwaite, who sends it just wide.

46th – River pushes ball into left corner for Fernandez, but Mendes smothers him and ball is send out of the area.

And, that’s the half. Red Bulls 1, River Plate 1

Second Half Lineup …

Red Bulls – Conway, Traynor, Boyens, Petke, Leitch, Pietravallo, Ubiparipovic, Zimmerman, Borman, Oduro, Mbuta.

Club Atletico River Plate (second Half) – Mario Vega, Mateo Musacchio,  German Pezzella, Rodrigo Archubi, Marcelo Gallardo, Nicolas Domingo, Gustavo Fernandez, Ruben Sambueza, Andres Rios, Mauro Diaz, Nicolas Losanno.

47th – Sambueza direct kick from left side, headed in teh box, but Conway makes the save.

53rd, Gallardo direct kick from 25 yards out, but he drives it into the Red Bull wall.

73rd Sinisi takes direct kick from 25 yards out and it’s headed out by River.

73rd Sinisi takes corner and send its long over everyone, Boyens waiting on the right post, settles and fires a left footed shot high into the right side of the  net. Red Bulls score! Red Bulls 2, River Plate 1.

77th Petke sends long diagonal ball down right side for Mbuta who tracks it down and crosses to Oduro who heads it just over the bar.

79th River  Mario Dias gets ball in box and fires a shot that Conway dives to his right and knocks away.

82nd Oduro gets control on right and sprints past River defense, one to beat, he send to Sinisi who’s right footed shot sails just over the bar.

82nd Pietravallo gets yellow card

87th – Gallardo gets a direct kick from 20 yards out and his shot sails over the wall and just misses right post.

88th – Some pushing and shoving and Pietravallo gets second yellow and a red card is Pietravallo is sent off.

89th River’s Nicolas Lossano tries to get around Traynor on the left side, and his cross is put out of bounds.

In 91st River’s Diaz gets another shot in the box on a low pass by Sambueza and Conway is there to gather it in.

92nd – Some pushing and shoving as Mbuta and Gallardo go up for a ball and Mbuta’s elbow catches Gallardo. He receives a yellow card.

And, that’s the game. Red Bulls 2, River Plate 1.

We’ll have post game material for you shortly.




  1. Eugene Says:

    RBR, your first half line-up only has 10 for the Red Bulls — who’s missing? Looks like a forward…

  2. Eugene Says:

    How did Dane Richards score his goal in the 3rd? Did he take the ball himself, did someone put him through?

    It’s a shame that Edwards scored on us for them… what happened? Shoddy defending or just an unlucky mistake? Not a great thing to see for a trialist

  3. Dave Martinez Says:

    Reports from Argentina are saying Pietravallo got a red card. Not seeing that here though . . .

  4. Eugene Says:

    Sounds like our finishing is crappy also. People being put through with only 1 left to beat should really be scoring goals. C’mon. Lots of shots wide or over the bar, headers over he bar…

  5. Eugene Says:

    Darn P’vallo if that’s true. Are we down to 10 or can we just put one back in because it’s a friendly?

  6. MetroStone Says:


  7. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Pietra was sent off after a second yellow. The team was able to make a sub since it is a friendly.

  8. Dave Martinez Says:

    I am uploading video from TyC as we speak . . . the announcers are such homers . . . like all argie announcers . . .

  9. Eugene Says:

    Ok, so how and where did he pick up the first yellow and how and where did he pick up the second yellow?

  10. Eugene Says:

    and who was subbed?

  11. Eugene Says:

    Wow, nice to get a second victory, even though we scored all the goals! =)

  12. JSquaredNY Says:

    Pietravallo sent off? Nothing shocking there…It doesn’t sound he’s changed much since last year…

  13. Dave Martinez Says:

    Damn youtube taking 10000000 years!!!!!!!!

    I give Pietra a pass. Kicking River players in the shin should be legal . . .

  14. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    RBR – OK, game material is all updated.

  15. tilt215 Says:

    OOOOOOOOOO Pietravallo getting a card… SHOCKER

  16. Game Footage! Red Bulls 2 - River Plate (Gallinas) 1 - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] a fan favorite, and they are doing it again this week. Check out Red Bull Reader for a detailed breakdown of todays action, minute by minute (or as much as a blackberry will let you […]

  17. Daniel Says:

    Where’s the video? It’s not up on that Offside site.

  18. Metro-211-7 Says:

    How did the Red Bulls lineup tactically on the field?

    They seem to be playing well, so far.

  19. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    The formation was a 4-2-3-1 basically.

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