pietravallo-mashriqiThe team had another two-a-day today and the morning session was pretty intense. Osorio had every player on the field (including goalkeepers) split up into three different teams playing half-field scrimmages. The goalies not only are there to save shots from the own goal but when their team is attacking, they get in on the act as field players (RBR remembers last year when former Red Bull Zach Thornton had a goal or two of his own). Trialist Alec Dufty found the back of the net today.  In the afternoon, the team did more group drills before playing 7v7. Two players who were kicking the ball around were midfielders Luke Sassano and Seth Stammler, who have been running all week.

Some of you have asked us to clear up why Juan Pablo Angel is not here and instead, working at home with a trainer on an individual basis. Here’s Juan Carlos Osorio’s explanation:

“What I said to the other players is, basically, we’re giving Juan and everybody else to not only to have a good start of the season, but a good season. Last year, Juan struggled at the beginning and we also struggled as a team. Now I have a better [idea] of what we need to do.

“We are trying to assess everybody individually and try to decide what is the best thing for each player to be doing. At the moment Juan is OK on what he is doing.”

“(Juan) is pleased with that. He has been working with his special trainer on specific things that we believe and he certainly believes is going to make him a better player athlete and hopefully a better footballer.

Michael Lewis has a full story on it here.

Finally, we have some footage of Chris Leitch hunting for some dinner in-between practices:


7 Responses to “DAY 3: BRADENTON”

  1. Almedin Says:

    Is there going to be video or live running commentary for the Red Bulls’ next preseason match?

  2. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    There is going to be live running commentary on Red Bulls Reader as of now.

  3. Eugene Says:

    Goalkeepers, not “goalies”. Goalies play hockey.

  4. Almedin Says:

    Actually Eugene, the term goalie is widely used throughout the world of soccer.. Goalkeeper, goalie, netminder (not often), or also keeper..

  5. Eugene Says:

    Almedin, the term “goalie” may be used in the US, but it immediately separates an American soccer fan from a European soccer fan. Based on the Irish and English fans I’ve spoken with, they wouldn’t be caught dead using that word to describe a goalkeeper, or ‘keeper. In fact, if I used that term in front of them, they likely would not listen to anything else I had to say afterwards.

    In fact, I’ve never heard any non-Americans ever use the word “goalie” to describe a goalkeeper — European, Latino, African or anyone in between. Perhaps it’s like borrowing the phrase “shut out” to describe a clean sheet, but it’s really not correct and I believe it makes us, as Americans, look foolish in the soccer world.

    Some would say the same about the term “soccer” but that word really comes from “Association Football” which is a UK term.

  6. Almedin Says:

    I understand what you mean Eugene and I am not trying to disagree because I personally prefer to call a goalie a “keeper” but I have been to many countries in Europe (Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, France) and I have heard all of the terms I mentioned.. But I do agree with you, goalie is not the best word to choose but what can we do..

    PS: I’m Eastern European so I’m not just bull***ing lol

  7. Igor Says:

    It’s a good thing we are all American soccer fans.

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