Red Bull New York announced today that its state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium being built in Harrison, New Jersey, has been renamed Red Bull Arena.  Additionally, the next phase of construction – erection of structural steel – began today with the first columns being connected to the foundation.

“The name of the stadium was changed to Red Bull Arena to be more in line with other Red Bull properties worldwide,” said Red Bull New York Managing Director Erik Stover.  “Over the course of the construction process, the naming was not controlled by Red Bull. Since Red Bull took over complete control of the construction of the stadium last November, we have been planning to make a change more in line with other Red Bull properties.  Red Bull Arena will be the benchmark in the North American soccer stadium landscape by which all other venues will be measured.”

Red Bull Arena — Built by Makita — entered the next stage of the construction process with the start of structural steel erection. This phase begins the vertical construction on the 12.34-acre Harrison, New Jersey site bounded by 6th Street to the west and Cape May Street to the South and East.   Structural steel erection began with the columns and beams that will frame the west building that houses the home and visitor locker rooms, stadium offices, three clubs, 1,116 club seats, 30 luxury suites and press facilities.  In about one month, structural steel erection will begin for the main seating bowl and roof.

Over the next seven months, the structural steel will be erected to support the new dynamic form roof – a curving structure that will wrap Red Bull Arena in an elegant shell. The unique stadium roof design, which will create a distinguished identity and unique atmosphere for Red Bulls fans, will extend from its leading edge over the entire seating bowl and then curve down to the concourse, creating the dominate architectural statement of power and elegance. The roof will extend 120 feet from the last seat to halfway between the field wall and the field’s touchlines, with 60 feet of the roof being translucent, letting in natural light.




  1. Rob C Says:

    Any pictures from today?

  2. MasterShake Says:

    A lot of the fans are wondering what happened to the web camera? can RBR touch on this? We just want at least an explanation.

    When the camera was up there was no work done, but we followed it religiously and now that the work is being done the camera is gone.

  3. Mr. Fish Says:

    I understand the challenges you’ve had in building RBA for the last 8 or so years, but some increased transparency (webcam, photos, specs, schematics, timelines) would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Mentz Says:

    I really don’t care what they decide on calling it, it just needs to get moving and be on schedule for once. Everytime they talk about this it makes me excited and then they disappoint with another “set back”. I’m with the other guys posting too…Did someone drop a steel beam on the web cam by accident?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The website is still are they going to change the website as well. Also can they put up the webcam so we can see it being built!

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